Call Me Gaybe

We Should Just Change our tagline to: 

WeHo Confidential making terrible videos go viral since 2010:

Some friends having good, clean, "heterosexual" fun.

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  1. I just watched this sober and I think I can smell my brain burning.

  2. Defiantly Str8 guys, terrible lip syncing and only one cute guy in the bunch

  3. The Harvard Athletes version is so much better
    Google it

  4. Rich suburban white kids and the token rich asian (cuz daddy's a doctor) with nothing better to do. The one hot one should do porn

  5. Ugh, just watched the Harvard athlete version AND IT FUCKIN' SUX!

    no one is shirtless

    no one is super faggy

    they're doing arm choreography in a moving van

    get some fuckin' taste.. IT WAS ATROCIOUS


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