Bryan Singer's Alleged Flavor of the Weak:

Meet Codey Flatoff.. .
X-Men Director Bryan Singer's latest "str8" it boy who was allegedly "discovered" by

May Madonna bless his soul before that crowd uses it as a prop in an orgy!!



  1. The Continent of North AmericaMay 25, 2012 at 11:54 AM

    Bryan Swinger and Wayne Castashadow, you are hereby ordered, by a majority popular vote of the people of the United States and Canada, to go join Roland Emmerich on a yacht anchored off the coast of Thailand where you can have all the 16 year old boys you can buy! But you are OLD HAT here!!! don't worry Bryan, you can still buy your Quaaludes AND your underage boys from Switzerland and have them messengered by ToJo or an Entwin to Thailand...

  2. How does Wayne Castro pay his rent? And put food in his mouth?

  3. the only thing wayne castashadow has ever Discovered is a stack of overdue bills, cheeto crumbs in his belly rolls, and KingQueen and a couple of twinks caught under his sweaty ass. ps- this boy kinda looks a little...slow, shall we say.

  4. Cynthia LarrabeeMay 25, 2012 at 2:30 PM

    He is a little cross-eyed, and may have a touch of the downs, but he is still kinda cute

  5. Poor Steve Roberts is gonna have to Now suck Waynes Cock to stay on Pay Roll... well you have the Lambo Pictures to remember.


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