Why Was Willam Disqualified from @RuPaul 's DragRace?

From what we understand Willam Belli was kicked out for smuggling in a laptop.

Find out for sure on the reunion episode

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Willam called us directly to deny that she was disqualified for smuggling a laptop.
She also denied using hormones & claimed there were at least 3 broken rules but only one disqualification.


  1. Yes her boyfriend put it in the vending machine at the hotel and the whole thing was caught on securty cam....dumb bitch.

  2. i thought it was aderall

  3. you're so wrong. there were no cameras on the floors. ASK the hotel. 4 star sheraton. boop boop. idiots.
    p.s. and LUCAS- i didn't deny being on hormones. i mentioned it was one of the rumors. i didn't deny anything. misquote boo.

  4. I heard she shot the sheriff...but, didn't shoot the deputy.

  5. It doesn't matter why/how Willam was disqualified. He went in there with a plan, got exactly what he needed and wanted, and is now the most notorious and CHOWING DOWN ON HIS COIN. TEAM WILLAM!!!

  6. TEAM WILLAM!!! Missing you on Drag Race... that show is really mehhhh without you.

  7. i was on TV, i was on TV... who fucking Cares, Extras are everywhere. BEIGE Bitch. Maybe you got what you wanted Cuz we actually remember you now, just for all the wrong reasons.

  8. that bitch Willam is fierce hunty and the goyls (especially Pee Pee O'hairy) just couldn't TAKE! learn to DEAL!


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