Who's Your Mayor? 4/16/12

Congratulations Jeff Prang!

That's right John Duran has officially passed the torch to Jeffrey Prang who was sworn in as Weho's new mayor this evening at the council chambers.

In case you didn't know WeHo changes her Mayor every year. Each of the 5 council members is given the opportunity to serve as mayor for one year ovf their four years in office. While the Mayor is the figure head of the city his vote is just as meaningful as every other council member... Unless you're Jeffrey Prang.

Mayor Prang actually has the most powerful vote on council but not because he's mayor but because he's the swing vote. John D'Amico & John Duran tend to represent a more liberal social orientated agenda while Abbe Land & John Heilman are notorious for their conservative & often dated point of views. Since it takes 3 votes to pass an agenda item Mayor Prang is consistently the deciding vote on most divisive issues. In other words when the liberals wanted to ban fur they needed Prang's vote to pass it. And when the conservatives banned smoking they also needed his vote to pass it.

To celebrate we're working on an interview with the man of the year just for you!

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Leave it in the comment section & if it's not too filthy we'll do our best to get you an answer.

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  1. Who's the wetback in th epic? Weho's token houseboy? Bwhaaaaa!

  2. Update on Manny Patel's teeth: They may be changing to Scat brown from Saffron yellow!
    He updated his status by saying he is eating thai spicy brown sauce.
    So if you see white eyes in your window of your apartmint tonight or white eyes looking up at you when looking down at yur cock-its gana be either Blowquandra or Manny!!
    I herd Blowquandra doent have teeth -thats the similaritys!

    So saffron yellow is now Scat brow okay folks?

  3. I think the brown person is Nelson Meligriatoe -and thats not a boy or anything close to the word boy

  4. hopefully this guys dick isn't the driving force in his career like duran's was.

  5. Such spin. What did this council member do to become mayor?


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