Andrew Christian
April 17, 2012

Who's Who Award Winner: Steven Dehler's Birthday Suit

Who doesn't adore Weho's Hottest GoGo Dancer according to our readers/voters!

x x o

PS- It's probably better that she keeps her mouth shut!


  1. I would lick my own piss off of every inch of his body.

  2. WeHo residents everywhereApril 17, 2012 at 12:09 PM

    At this point in his "career" the only thing this robot could do to appear remotely interesting is wear a 3-piece suit. Watching him bring Timoteos stock down with his look at me naked stunts is so embarrassing. Just bend over and show the three homeless people left in WeHo the loose hole that every circuit queen and sugar daddy has fingered for about one dollar. Steven: learn to say "NO"

  3. I agree with the above. You have the potential to do great things with modeling. Stop looking cheap. You are still likeable.

  4. so over this guy and his nasty side kick paul. they have to be the two biggest sluts in weho. Hes not cute in person at all and your to old to be doing this shit get ur act together

  5. I'd tap that ass of his. He isn't tall enough nor does he have the looks to be a big time editorial model or anything other than a fitness model. If he wants to be a go go and do cheezy ads for Timoteo then that's his prerogrative.

  6. gross tired coke bottom. tired of seeing this queen.

  7. who the hell i s timoteo?

  8. ugly...what do you guys like about him? his dick couldnt be that big if it fits in his hand judging by the pic.....must be all those roids!!

  9. His shitty diet and staying up late have fucked up his face. He looks like an elderly lesbian on steroids.


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