White Party 2012 Recap:

It took us few days to recover from the White Party 2012 but after some much needed rest we're back to our bitter selves. We had such an amazing time molesting all the party bottoms we that barely found time to sleep. We absolutely did not indulge in drugs or alcohol... We did not smoke any pot, snort cocaine, bump ketamine, roll on ecstasy nor did we take any Viagra!!

Any who we got to town Thursday evening and decided to hit up Hunters & Toucan's. We left Hunters early to explore Toucan's ... big mistake on our part. Note to selves for next year ~ Hunters on Thursday!


Any who we woke up fresh as daisies at our place & headed over to the Renaissance for the press check-in when we spotted the man of the hour Jeffrey Sanker in a state of calm reflection. #paparazzi

We took a stroll around the pool and into the VIP area where we noticed a gorgeous VIP Stoli rainbow carpet. Later we encountered some very buff Germans who told us that we needed to put some screen on. So we went up to their room and they rubbed their white cream all over our faces & our luscious bodies.

Next stop the Ace Hotel for some lunchypoo, the crowd was super cute but we're not sure what was up with the ghetto chain-link fence out there. Next stop ... The Viceroy for cocktails where we bumped into Lady Cooley & her newest yes man. ROARRRWL! Seating was tough but apparently when your David Cooley they just create more seats!

We missed the underwear party on Firday since we had been planning an intimate BBQ at our house for team WeHo Confidential but we did manage to get in some face time at the Andrew Christian BBQ.. hotties everywhere!


Gurl ... the pool party was off the chain... most likely the highest attended gay pool party we've ever been to and everyone was really friendly. Drinks ranged from $6 for beer to $10 for a cocktail at most of the White Party festivities which we thought was fair.

Next stop the White Party... Where do we begin? The White Carpet was so much fun ... we even got to chat with Israeli Pop Artist .. MEITAL who was dressed from head to toe in Marco Marco!

And Lisa Vanderpump was as galmorous as ever wearing a white gown that was so tight they had to pick her up when she needed to walk. It was actually quite hilarious to see how the gays worshiped her.

Chuukey & his crew did a little posing on the Red Carpet but for some reason they avoided our very important question:

So we trotted off into the White Party to be greeted by a sea of shirtless menz! Oh honay we played grab a$$ all night long. X-Men Director Bryan Singer even built a platform for his own private party packed with the "Usual slimy Suspects" such as Wayne Castro, Dan Studney, Cheyenne Parker, Andrew Gruver & many many more. Seriously if that platform collapsed & everyone on it died... We wouldn't have anyone to write about but the world would probably be a much better place . The fact that all the mooching Weho queens confined themselves to Bryan's VIP area as always made the night that much more enjoyable for everyone else who attended! #score

We know everyone was a little skeptical about Mary J. Blige was headlining but we have to be honest ... she was a great fit, she nailed it & she even sung live:

Rumor has it Blige was a little bit of a diva with her demands & rumor also has it that Kylie Minogue was actually the scheduled headliner but she made some lame excuse & pulled out before the announcement.

We basically didn't roll the rest of night as we partied till they kicked us out @ 4:45am... Best White Party ever... Not cracked out at all we wandered over to the Renaissance Host hotel where we bumped into Meital who reminded us that her show was about to begin. We wandered into her dressing room and watched as her gorgeous dancers changed into their itty bitty costumes. God Bless America! To be honest Meital killed it! We were really surprised at what a great show she put on & we totally think she's the next big thing... with your approval of course we present


Tea Dance...

The Whitney Houston firework tribute show was epic:

Filmed by PShandyman.com

We've never been to the Tea Dance before & to be honest we were so NOT high on K that we can't really describe how much gosh darn fun we had, before stumbling through the closing party (which was packed) and heading to Del Taco!

Special thanks to the White Party Team for making it such a magical weekend:

Ryan C.
Steve M.
John S.
Phil L.
& of course Jeffrey Sanker

x x x o

PS - Thanks to Michael Kuluva for keeping up with us!


  1. has anybody seen those pics of woody in a tank top? he should not be wearing that.

  2. Love that pic of the all the tea dance party goers...21 women trapped in men's bodies. Just like everyone else who attended the weekend festivities. Gays truly are second rate citizens...


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