SpLAash Pool Party ~o June 9th, 2012

We can't wait!!!

DJ Roland Belmares
Summer's Biggest Pool Party is spinning at a $65 Million Private Estate on Saturday, June 9th
from 12pm - 6pm!!

An official Wonderland Weekend event.

Los Angeles Gay Pride 2012

For more info and tickets visit htIt’s the inaugural year of what will be the biggest pool party in the US. The first event of the Wonderland Weekend, this event will be held at a $65 million private estate that you will not believe. DJ Roland Belmares is in charge of our musical journey and 1000 beautiful men are along for the ride.

This is the biggest weekend of the year on the West Coast.

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  1. Sounds so stupid, "$65 million.......$65 million... estate..."

    "1000 beautiful men"

    The most accurate part of this was "you will not believe.."

    because I don't. Sounds like a wreck. #Pass

  2. I will come and spread my aids and staff infection again like i did in los feliz last year:)

  3. At last it's at a real POOL and not a club parking lot like the ridiculous "splash bash" that is such a rip off of this parties name and advertising. Pool at estate? Or Parking lot with squirt guns?

  4. Believe that undercover patrol will be there, hint hint don't be ridiculous to get the hint

  5. It was the guest house on the estate by the pool. i would've asked for my money back. The 65 million dollar estate was off limits. False advertising.


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