Slammer Time 4 Rude Ness:

Apparently lil miss ex-employee of the Pleasure Chest got into a huge TRANNY brawl alongside her boyfriend. That's right Rudy aka Ms. Rude Ness & her man got into a turf war with some visiting trannys. The arraignment was today and because Ms. Rudeness beat these b!tches to a bloody pulp with her high heel! The judge slammed the gavel and sentenced this queen. 

SHE'S LOCKED UP NOW w/ her man!!

Say hi to RAVEN!!




  2. He's a fucking mess he and his used clothes pedaling cross dresser brother he's the fag that works as a
    Sale whore at decades on melrose ! Those 2 need to take the bus back to reality ! They are buss in from deep in the valley to make fools of them selves everywhere they go ! The fucking pudgy midgets are disgusting pig bottoms that pretend to know everything in every subject ! Unfortunately they can't find the answer to why everything in their life is fake! You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig!
    Keep the fag in jail !


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