Andrew Christian
April 28, 2012

Lance Bass Denies Throwing Underage Parties With Drugs & Alcohol

Lance Bass went on Kathy to dispel "rumors" that he's been hosting underage parties in Hollywood with drugs and alcohol present! Watch Lance Bass back peddle to assure America he's is in bed by 9 O' Clock! We'll let you be the judge of this one!

Sophonda Cox 


  1. Lance looks like crap, but he looked like crap when he was 19. Everybody forgets that he was the ugly one in nsync

  2. Lance is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! And I think he is a handsome lad (and I'm a picky bitch!)

  3. that is hilarious if he actually said he's in bed by 9pm...if by bed u mean having coke orgies in his or M. Turchin's bed!! i have partied with the gurl numerous times, gotten blacked out drunk til 2 am at bars and house parties. gimme a break

  4. poor Michael Turchin has to actually fuck this guy. It must be like being trapped in a nightmare.

  5. Well , I dont 't think theres a place for him to throw partys since he lost his house a while back:)

  6. Michael Turchin must want to be part of the C-list really bad. I would never have sex with lance bass. He looks like a cartoon squirrel that never blinks.

  7. Isn't he best friends with that fat bitch sarah smart? That's at least what she claims. She needs a write up on this site, talk about a weho loser and she don't even have a dick.


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