Junk Food Introduces Unconventional Political Campaign Tees

Junk Food Clothing is introducing a capsule collection of unconventional political campaign tees, encouraging partisanship and exploiting hot button issues.

Once again, Junk Food Clothing has tapped into the subconscious of pop culture to provide a forum for people to express themselves in unconventional ways; like wearing a heart on your sleeves, Junk Food encourages consumers to wear their message on their chest.

Pulling out all stops for their election-themed collection, Junk Food has printed inflammatory slogans that will either outrage or entertain politicos of both parties, with tees that read "Only Asses Vote Democratic," "Only Dumbos Vote Republican," and more, as the brand has remained decidedly bipartisan.

The political campaign capsule collection tees range from $30-38, and can be purchased at www.junkfoodclothing.com.

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