Janice Dickinson To Appear On Celebrity Big Brother

Janice Dickinson: The Worlds 1st Super Model 
Are you ready for the queen of the runway Janice Dickinson to be on Big Brother? We are and we almost shit our pants when we found out she was being considered to do the celebrity edition of Big Brother!

We can only image the atrocity that would go down in that house. Janice is a very smart woman don't let her carefree attitude fool you. She flipped "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" on it's back and she will turn out the runway in the Big Brother house! If we were CBS we'd shell out big bucks to get Janice on board! Amen!



  1. Get your facts straight. Celebrity Big Brother is a UK show, CBS has nothing to do with this. Oh, and I fucked dick-in-son without the condim


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