Janice Dickinson Strips With Amanda LePore

 Janice Dickinson (r) Amanda LeWhore (l)

West Hollywood Royalty Janice Dickinson was out late the other night with home gurl Amanda Lepore! They were putting on a show, stripping down to their bare necessities! We really want to know how Janice manages to always look so fucking hot even half asleep and incoherent! It's one of her greatest talents! Amanda Lepore's tits looked like the "square" root of tragedy. Time for a tune up? Maybe you can ask Janice for her surgeon's digits, take some advice from the queen of body image!

Sophonda Cox


  1. Janice is amazing. A mess but amazing.

  2. LOL love this post Sephonda very appropriate for the site. Janice's doctor worked on Heidi & than died while tweeting in Malibu last summer. I like Janice's 3rd face better than #2 but the original was heaven!!

  3. Oh, you know I love me some Janice Dick! ;)


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