It's Good to be Patrick Schwarzenegger

If we said it once we've said it 1,000 times... with looks like his who needs a toilet. He can just piss & sh!t down our throats 24 hours a day!

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Blue Ivy


  1. "He can just piss & sh!t down our throats 24 hours a day!"


    Yet you wonder why society hates you and straight guys beat the phuck out of your kind weekly in the alleys of WEHO. You all give homosexuality a bad name and make it easy for normal functioning straight people in this country to make the argument that gays are a bunch of vile and immoral abnormalities.

    Sh!tting and pissing down another human's throat is not normal behavior, nor is joking about it.

    Your parents must be so proud. Stop writing under a pen name. Identify yourself! At least this way, the next victim of gay basing will be well chosen.


  2. Comminter at 928 can tongue punch my fart box any day of the week and twice and sunday and in return i will PHUCK you minus the condim. you white nigger.

  3. ^how classy...and the racist touch was just this site needed to show its true "colors"

    Besides, this boy still has way too much baby fat. Guess he needs to hit the Tina pipe with your WeHo Trash A$$ and melt those spare pounds away.

    Now I need to go to confession and pray away the gay cooties my computer got from visiting this site.


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