The IKEA Of Music: KingQueen

Our favorite Swedish Meatball is back at it again, this time with her new fancy website! Ooo La La! Who is pumping this hoe now that Rob Pow's talent factory, Gesha House, is no longer in business?! Did Andrew Curry finally head over the hill because her site is killing us! Check out her latest news update:

"Wow… 2012 so far has been so damn good!!
My album sales on iTunes are going so well.. and I sold out the physical CD at Amoeba. The bookings are great. I am now #22 most listened to in LA when it comes to my genre! And the band is growing. I couldn’t as for more… Oh and we joined battle of the bands for the Warp tour " - KingQueen

Let us address a few things. KingQueen claims she is the 22nd most listened to artist in LA. Please specify which LA you are talking about, Louisiana or Los Angeles. Hollywood can't be that tone deaf! How many Physical CD's must she have made to SELL OUT? We think the number is between 1 and 3, so 2...and she bought both of them herself!

Go to to hear more!

Rock Bottom


  1. she just got told nigggggggga!

  2. Is sabrina doing meth these days?

  3. Her music sucks hairy balls. Her accent reminds me of those sylvan learning commercials. she is a joke. how she got a gig at the Risky A GOGO baffles me. Maybe that pussy sells it self.

  4. Wow. That site is worse than her music.... almost. 22nd most listened to music in LA in her "genre".... what "genre" do you fit into hunny? the same as Courtney Love, apparently.

    Stop singing. Its not gonna happen for you. And if it does? Ill rip my eardrums out of my head. Period.

  5. Getting a gig at the Whiskey isn't hard as long as you have enough to pay the stage fee.

  6. I can't tell if it's a tranny or a natural woman.

  7. that thing holding the microphone! kill it before it lays eggs!

  8. She is great and I love her new album. I am sure that those posting negative comments have not even heard her sing. Love you Sabrina, you are a star!!!

  9. Michael UeberrothApril 30, 2012 at 1:30 AM

    i heard that a crackhead smokes meth in his bedroom alone and writes this blog then makes up a bunch of fake "anonymous" comments to make it look like people give a shit


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