If You Live in WeHo Time Warner May Owe You Money Honay

Recently a resident contacted the City to inquire about a Utility User Tax that appeared on her bill from Time Warner Cable.

The City of West Hollywood DOES NOT allow this type of tax to be charged for services within our City. The City's CATV Supervisor, Kent S. Egenberger, was contacted and was able to resolve the billing problem, and get that tax credited back to the customer.

So, I thought it might be helpful to share this experience in case you too notice a similar charge, or have an outstanding issue with your cable service through Time Warner. If so, I encourage you to contact the City's CATV Supervisor. He can assist you with any issues, comments, or complaints regarding Time Warner Cable, or any other television service issue you may have.

His contact information is:
Kent Egenberger
CATV Supervisor
City of West Hollywood
8300 Santa Monica Bl.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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  2. Thanks so much for the info! Now AT&T owes me a lot of money! Same rule applys to cellphone bills, everyone go check your bills too! Utility tax is the biggest fee there

  3. Update: AT&T just credited me back one year of tax charge, 72 bucks. Trying to push them to refund the money of year 2010. The tax is charged based on "place of primary use", not your billing address. To update that you would have to call them.


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