From Oprah to Glee Peres Hilton has Only Just Begun

Could Mr. Hilton be the next OPRAH!????

Love him or hate him we think Oprah has taken a special interest in the former queen of mean at least according to her latest tweets. 

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  1. I hope not. Not to be a hater, but he just doesn't deserve it.

  2. Ugh, Perez is the worst. I'll admit he's done a great job repackaging himself but- he's still the same hateful fame whore he alwayz was. If he's the best Miss O can do then tv is in huge trouble....

  3. i have a feeling he is getting some form of really terrible karma now that it will keep multiplying until it is out of control like a cancer

  4. Like him or not, his name is spelled PEREZ not PERES. This is exhausting. Why do you queens keep fucking up on the spelling? Got books?

  5. I don't care how much weight Perez has lost, and this last final flashing looks like abdominal lipo and etching to me, there is no way someone with his body type can get that definition without surgery.
    He can pay someone to keep him thin, he is still ugly inside and out. This whole "love and light" act is BULLSHIT.

  6. Perez isn't the worst person in that picture. Hint: Far right!

    Hungry Hungry Oprah.


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