Are You Talking to Us Davey Wavey?

Different writers & different commentors have different opinions. Can you please buy a shirt!

Really you want to be taken seriously but without showing your pecks you really don't matter.

By allowing different points of views in we end up on the same page.

The page six of Gay LA that is... WEHOCONFIDENTIAL.COM

By the way we call the gay world out for hypocrisy everyday!

Get a job!!!



  1. this guy is REALLY gay....

    And the epitome if a Weho Queen.... steroids, shirtless, makeup, girl.

  2. WeHoConfidential: Where the bullied become the bullies.

  3. But you're still here reading and commenting like the simpleton 5th grade faggot you are! ^

    Bullying someone for being gay & calling grown adults out on their bullshit, regardless of their orientation are the same thing now? Hardly.

    When you read you're an audience member & when you comment you're a contributor.

    So I guess that makes you an addict too!

  4. So many whiny queens read this site. They're whole identity is about being gay. It's sad really.

    Davey is starved for attention & lives in the middle of no where!

    Lucas is a bitter queen who was molested as a child after his uncle died of AIDS.

    You all need to get a life but the jokes on all of you.

    Thanks for the laughs!

  5. i like how hes trying to make a difference and be positive and all you can do is find the negative out of it and talk about how he needs a shirt. how about you man up and say "yes we are nasty so we are gonna change". grow the fuck up

  6. i hate this guy, total douche...and btw bullying is not cool when the intent is to harm; the comments on here are just opinions, and funny ones at that!

  7. Oh please .. he had a hot body, big dick and sexy butt. You're really saying you wouldn't take his hot load up your ass?

  8. this kid would never survive in LA ever. he lives in east bumfuck and is a total whore who thinks hes someone

  9. It's not uncommon at all for people who were bullied in their youth to grow up and become bullies themselves; this site (and most of the internet, itself) just provides a forum which enables that. It's sad, but at the same time it's impossible to stop.

    As for Wavey Davey, he has amazingly beautiful pecs and nipples.

  10. He does have a job: It's called being a YouTube partner. People make a really great living doing this. I'm sorry, how much do you bitter and lonely queens make running this horrid site?


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