Exclusive: Drag Race Season 4 Finale Looks

Here is what everyone looked like during filming of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4 Finale last night! And the winner is...all you whores will have to wait till Monday to find out! 

We really can't stand Phi Phi O'hara, she should not be sitting there! Sharon Needles is a true talent and West Hollywood loves her! Chad Michaels is someone we actually respect and will be getting work far after Drag Race is over! Nuff said! Tune in b*tches! 

Luv you Ru! 

Sophonda Cox 


  1. Sharon is queen bee!

  2. I was in the audience for the taping. No one knows who wins, they did not reveal it to the live audience. It will be a total surprise for everyone on Monday! Go Sharon Needles (or Chad Michaels...)!!!

  3. I guess Wilum and his used collection of shooz from crossroads didn't impress the judges

    Manny Patel and his safrron colored teeth didnt either

    nor did Wayne castro and his buttucks

    or tommy johnson and his pruple tongue

    lets also talk about Woody Woodbeck TRYING so hard to get a peace of the Rasputin two saturdays ago
    Trying to get in on that gig

    woody -drink my sit after i shit it out on a warm summer day !
    you retarded urine drinking snuffer

  4. Hi,
    Fuck Woody in the asshole.
    He was laughed out of Rasputin.

  5. Fags.

    Sharon Wins. And so do I.

  6. Sharon needles dose win.

  7. Cynthia LarrabeeMay 3, 2012 at 4:19 PM

    There is already a well known Sophonda Cox (she is the candadian version of Flava) and i doubt that she is one of the WeHoConfidential bloggers. Is the WeHoConfidential Sophonda Cox an alias for Jonathan Clay Harris? Maybe that is how they've been getting the RuPauls Drag Race scoops. Sounds like a violation of his non-disclosure agreement.


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