Entin Twins Making a New Gay Film ~ Geography Club

Apparently Bryan Singer is financing a new movie for his twin ducklings!

We have to give them some credit though since most hookers we know are lucky if they can get a plane ticket. These two have already scored a house in the valley, movie roles & now Gary Entin is Directing & Edmund Entin screen writing. We hear they are not acting in this movie.

Here are the details according to our inside source:

"Hi I am an assistant at a major agency in town and this breakdown was released and I know it is being cast right now, as we are sending our actors in for auditions at CBS Radford. Jonathan Clay Harris is the Casting Director, Michael Huffington (the millionaire bisexual) from the Huffington post and Bryan Singer are producing/Financing and its supposed to be a big mainstream gay film based on books of the same name."

Good for them however we'd rather let Chris Salvatore reprent the gay community than see these two alleged rat face hookers succeed at doing so!

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  1. The stuff they do is so stupid!

  2. If Bryan Singer and Mike Huffington are producing this will be interesting, those are big producers.

  3. Thank god we are getting some quality gay cinema, not that Eating Out straight to cable garbage they call "film". #ALLANBROCKAFAIL

  4. oh nooo naked under age casting couch! lol


  6. The Entin twins are shit; they have done NOTHING of quality. I laugh at their career. I mean, all they have done is sleep with people to either get something made or get a part.

    In the end they will be finding solace in some young twink and downing a bottle of Vodka getting more and more fat, just like there EVER great and wonderful mentor B.S!

  7. ^^^ ha... so true, so true.

  8. michael huffington is a vile human being

  9. Robert Meyer BurnettApril 13, 2012 at 10:24 PM

    Hey you anonymous bitchy little jealous fucks who won't even post under your own names...

    I met the Entin twins for the first time when I employed them six years ago at my production company, Ludovico Technique. While there, they created and produced a short film, COLOR ME OLSEN, starring them and directed by Darrin Stein. This was a completely self-generated project they did on their own time, using their own resources. No one handed anything to them. They did it themselves. They not only busted their ass working for me on a number of projects, including THE HILLS RUN RED, a feature I produced for Warner Premiere and Joel Silver's Dark Castle Entertainment, but also made time to tirelessly pursue their own projects. Their friendship with Bryan Singer grew and flourished because Bryan saw in them the same fire he had in his belly which propelled him to the highest echelons of the entertainment industry. Gary and Edmund worked seven days a week for little pay but were two of the most industrious and hard working guys I've ever met in the entertainment industry.
    Now, I've just finished A YEAR working with Gary and Edmund on their first feature film, MY ELEVENTH, as their editor and post-production supervisior. The film was based on an original screenplay Edmund worked on for five years and Gary meticulously directed. The film stars Tony-winner John Benjamin Hickey in a tour-de-force performance and when it's finally finished, will undoubtedly garner much praise from the critical community for not only the performances, but the writing and direction as well. Of all the work I've done in my career, the film is absolutely one of the things I'm most proud to be a part of.
    What I find paricularly galling about this posting is not only the tone, slamming friends of mine who WORK THEIR ASSES OFF to get everything they have, but the characterization that somehow GEOGRAPHY CLUB is only a "GAY" film. With bullying now front and center in the national dialogue, and LGBT teens making headlines for KILLING THEMSELVES because of such treatment, this film, based on a popular Young Adult novel which illuminates these occurances should be lauded by the gay community. Instead, this site belittles very hard work done by many, many people to bring this excellent and important work to light.

    So...allow me to express some righteous indignation over tarnishing the reputations of three very hardworking friends of mine I've watched do nothing but work incredibly hard over the years.

    Now, just what have you fucks done lately?

    Most sincerely,

    Robert Meyer Burnett/CEO-Ludovico Technique

  10. hey J.C., I mean Robert Meyer Burnett, get off the cross, cry me a river or have the Entwins do it with their crocodile tears, and jump in it and kill urself. there are TONS of talented hardworking young men and women in LA and around the world who haven't had their break. say what you want, most people who have lived here 6 or more years as well know exactly what they did to get those breaks. Indulge Bryan's twisted perverted fantasies and hook up with some of the most slovenly, nauseating creatures to writhe on this Earth that call themselves his "best friends". They may be talented whores, but still hookers at the end of the day

  11. hahahahahhahahhahaha i love kmart

  12. LMFAO trying to say that these "kids" didn't get a hand-out in life by kissing ass? some body, give this man robert some thing to do! he is obviously delusional.

  13. You fags are so damn transparent. Despite what is in their personal lives ( we all have our skeletons) every one of you wanna be actors, directors, writers , anyone in the ent industry would give their right nut to get a break and work with an A List Director/Producer like Bryan Singer. You guys are just jealous and it's painfully obvious.

  14. Oh my god Rob!!!! "Of all the work I've done in my career, the film is absolutely one of the things I'm most proud to be a part of."

    You must have done some rite SHIT is your 'Career' for the twins stuff be of any value to you!

    . . . Oh, yeah. Looking at your imdb page it clearly is. Sad fuck.

    Get a life and stop defending the disgusting pigs that are THE ENTIN TWINS!

  15. Robert Meyer BurnettApril 14, 2012 at 1:38 PM

    I am wrong, the Entin twins have done nothing of value and I think they never will.

    I am going to go cry now as I have clearly wasted a year of my life.

    I hang my head in shame. Please, don't judge me.

  16. I would give me left and right nut to NOT work with Bryan Singer.

  17. I am a very successful industry professional and I have seen bad things come of being involved with Bryan Singer and his group.
    Simply put, to be associated with Bryan Singer or any of his ‘group’ is not a good career move for anyone!
    It lowers everyone’s expectations of you as a member of our industry.
    I personally will never work with Bryan, like many of my colleague’s wont either.
    It is a general feeling in our tight knit –industry- community that anyone that does work with him or his ‘group’ or speaks highly of them is of no real value and not long for the industry.

    So please listen to me when I say that there is not point being involved with him in any way.

    You really will only go to hell with it.

  18. i don't care how 'talented' they are, in person, they are vile, horrible, mean and nasty...they alienate 99% of the community they are claiming to represent in their new project...they should loosen up, crack a smile and try and be friendly towards the people who aren't offering them handouts, free apartments, dinners and trips in the jet. only then will these clowns get REAL respect.

  19. So true. They are only nice if they are getting something from you, either you produce their new film or buy them dinner.

    Why would you be such a fool to fall for it too.... Sad.

  20. To the "very successful " professional above. If that was true you would be to busy to be trolling and posting on this website. Get a life.

  21. Call you on your bullshitApril 14, 2012 at 3:17 PM

    To the comment at 1:56. You may not like Bryan a lot of people don't, alot of people don't like alot of directors. They are natoriously eccentric and strange . To say knowone wants to work with them is nonsense. Either your not the very successful industry person you say you are or you jut want to bad mouth him. Either way it only takes a quick imdb look to see that all the actors directors etc associate with all his past current and pre production films are pretty much all a list. So who is exactly that doesn't want to be part of his movies cause from what I can see on imdb leading way into the future he has some very a lot people attached. Your point is not only invalid but really unintelligent. If you want to bash Bryan go for it but don't say knowone wants to work with him when anyone can look it up and see that's simply false. I have to agree with the above poster if you are so successfull why do you have time to browse and comment on this site, shouldn't you be to busy to do that? Gimme a break.

  22. those boys are not cute. they will not be going anywhere. and they will to have to pay for sex when they get older just like their mentor.

  23. "knowone"... lol. that's hysterical.

  24. Bryan is a very nice guy, generous to a fault with leeches like the twins, Wayne Castro, Tommy Johnson, but so successful in his career, you can't knock a career that has grossed billions of dollars and made stars like Hugh Jackman and Oscar winner, Kevin Spacey.
    That said, The Twins are Evil little bastards who know how to manipulate Bryan and need to be put back in their cages.
    But Bryan is also an adult. He knows he has a certain reputation, he has that "girlfriend" now, he works hard, plays harder. He should just play with different people of his own professional success level who arent out to suck him dry. But if he doesn't mind, then leave it alone. Well, except send back Wayne Castro back to his apartment mattress.

  25. Kevin Spacey Bryan Singer and Gus Van Zant walk into a high school shower.......


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