Enrique Cheng-Robles is April's Daddy of the Month

Aw, what a sweet scene at the IVY!

Who doesn't love Dr. Enrique Cheng-Robles (right)?
Smart, funny, charismatic & best of all generous!!

Dr. Enrique tends to float slightly under our radar however his cute little besties Jonathan Challacomb (center) & Samuel Boswell (not pictured) seem to be our only link to this fabulous man.

And yes rumor does have it that the good doctor is single!
Happy hunting honay!

x x x o


  1. th good doctor Is a good man but misguided for sure spennds his days on the weekenends buying shots for ppl like POZitiviely friendly logan carat and his bad nose job-d brother...and ass-breath challacomb?? awful

  2. Not to mention dragging around tired drunk twinks around the Beverly center for attention

  3. Jonathan would do anything for a warm meal- he is too old to be following men around for a warm meal

  4. Thats an older pic .Enrique Dissmissed Jonathan a long time ago...he got to old looking up close and he is also know as a "get around girl" ...These older queens like whats new NOT whats been passed around. Jonathan was new about 15 years ago

  5. Enrique is a sweetheart.


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