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"just because there are meds, doesn't mean you should be passive, by NO MEANS! Just because there is ointment for a cold sore, doesn't mean you should be sucking face with a cold sore. That said...people are living long healthy lives because of the HIV meds. Magic Johnson has had the virus for over 20 years and so have many people outside the spotlight. You will have to be proactive about your health if you're positive but then again, so should everyone regardless of their status. Truth is, not everyone how has HIV contracted it from a bath house or has been whoring around. Several people I know got it from their presumed monogamous partners. So not only do they have to deal with HIV, but they are also dealing with being betrayed and lied to. Think about that next time you pin the scarlet letter on someone who has HIV."

Posted by Anonymous to WeHo Confidential at April 12, 2012 11:46 PM

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  1. stats on how people contracted HIV are completely bogus. Most people have no idea. I have heard the "boyfriend was cheating on me" saga so many times that it should be the #1 way people contract HIV. It is a nice little story to produce sympathy but what about the 50 times you want to the bathhouse and havent been tested in 5 years? Or your ads on Rentboy and Craigslist?

  2. Hey Stupid! Magic Johnson has lived for 20 years with HIV because he can afford to. Not everyone with HIV has his bank account and can afford the personal trainer, nutritionist, doctor's bills, meds, etc. People using him as the example of living with HIV are stupid and ignorant. Some 27 year old queen living with a roommate in a dumpy weho apartment making 40k a year as an assistant at E! is not going to have the same outcome as Mr. Johnson...

  3. You're both morons. While many that have HIV got it from being promiscuous, MANY did not. Period. That's like saying all people with diabetes are morbidly obese - GET EDUCATED, boys! Secondly, if you eat right/exercise and are proactive about your health - there is NO reason you can't live a long, healthy and successful life - yes, just like Magic Johnson. He's not paying off the virus - he's paying people to tell him how to take care of himself... which should be pretty common sense for most of us! People don't drop dead from HIV and AIDS anymore (the 80s was decades ago now) and that's a fact that medical science backs up. As much as we alI appreciate your participation in this debate... your lame stereotypes (do you both run around in women's clothing with limp wrists all day because you're gay?) and lack of knowledge on the topic are extremely embarrassing.

  4. Hello, you all know me but I am posting anon cause i feel like it. I have slept with over 2500 men im not an escort i just love to sleep around i have done it for years ever i have bare backed a few times but not alot. I tested NEG in feruary of this year 2012. I am VERY lucky so lucky.
    If the diagnosis was different there was noone to blame but me. I consider myself lucky. I now will not bare back im cause when giving head. I feel lik ei have a 2nd chance at life beacuse I didnt know what the dr was going to say. I just wanted to tell my storey.

  5. The comment this story is about lost me after the first line gana go to Hollywood spa now and catch some bugs!! And take them back to weho in my jetta!rain or shine!

  6. You do that, Bobby...

  7. You, sir, are an imbecile. What you're saying about Magic Johnson is basically the same as saying you can't lose weight without a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a personal chef...etc. IT CAN BE DONE, YOU MORON. It doesn't take money to be healthy, it takes discipline you stupid, stupid idiot. If you can't afford the meds or don't have insurance, there are organizations like Ryan White that will help you. If you bothered to read my comment, I also said that there are people I know that have lived with the virus for 20 plus years and have led healthy lives without the perks of celebrity. And WHO THE FUCK do you think you are, going around saying they will die young? Do you know this for a fact? Are you a doctor? (as if). Even if that were the case, they would find out on their own, don't you think? How insensitive are you? They don't need a scholar like you telling them their future. If you don't have anything supportive or constructive to say, SHUT THE FUCK UP. If stupidity was a terminal disease, you'd have dropped dead years ago, you tool. I can't believe people like you exist. You are truly a disgrace

  8. MOST people with HIV got it from being careless. Sure, some (idiots) trusted their boyfriends, but even then, it was their own decision to trust. I've had three long term relationships, and in the midst of them all I trusted my boyfriends. But in hindsight, that was stupid of me as they all lied about one thing or another.
    And yes, there are people with type 1 diabetes (from birth or typically soon after) who manage their condition and maintain a healthy body weight. But EVERYONE with type 2 have only themselves to thank, and a great majority of them are morbidly obese - GET EDUCATED, AIDS case! As much as we appreciate your participation in this debate...stereotypes, the lame ones and all others, are BASED ON FACT. So land your fucking shuttle before you make another post.

  9. I think the biggest problem is "ASSUMPTION".

    People ASSUME their partner is being monogamous.
    People ASSUME that they are negative.
    People ASSUME that because people tell them that they are negative, they are.

    The face of HIV/AIDS today is not how it once was. Yes, people live longer, healthier, and often times do not deal with many of the issues and complications that once were.

    In fact, I myself have friends that are positive that both live a healthier life in regards to diet, exercise, and health...but also look the part as well. Sporting muscular, lean, fit bodies, with abs and brite smiles.

    Back to the original point. I love my positive friends, but it is also because they possess a "POSITIVE" attitude and often remind me to NEVER ASSUME. They remind me that we should all take responsibility for OURSELVES.

    Love yourself to be more important than everyone else. Never chance the words of another to complicate your status. If you are POSITVE live HEALTHY and RESPONSIBLY...But if you are HEALTHY and RESPONSIBLY. You can just as easily become positive from being promiscuous as waiting your whole life to have sex with "the one". If it is are putting yourself at risk.

  10. PNP any one?

  11. Go pnp Jason Bobbys go ahead

  12. wehoCON...

    You guys spew all the time on "whether this guy is positive", or "these two are making a wonderful strain of the virus together"

    You guys help stir the black kettle! Open your eyes you pathetic inferior complex individuals and realize just because your mother touched you and your father beat you for it doesnt mean you have a 'conscious' and feel something from this AMAZING quote.

    You guys are Chaos in an already chaotic world.

  13. Well said^^^

    However, the guy above you is a straight up disaster. "AIDS case..." SERIOUSLY? Nice way to end your 'holier than thou' rant. Why would you be with your boyfriend(s) if you didn't feel you could trust them? Hindsight is always 20/20 so let's just leave that alone. Yes people lie - we all know that - but most people at least TRY not to surround themselves with that kind of BS... maybe you're an exception. Anyway - if you just want to fuck, then YES - WRAP IT UP. Most people who are negative are no smarter or better than their positive counterparts... just luckier! No one here is perfect and we have ALL made mistakes against our better judgement... so what? That's life. Just be grateful you've managed to dodge the bullet for now. With a mouth like that, I'm not sure how many more chances you'll get...

    And BTW - not all stereotypes are based on fact. Do MOST gay men run around in feather boas, g-strings and heels? Probably not. But the heteros sure like to think and say so. Try and look past the stereotypes once you get out of high school...

    Today, HIV+ people can live as long as anyone else - with a good attitude and by taking care of themselves... so let's move on... to something like trying to treat each other how we'd like to be treated. You never know when you might end up in a situation you never thought could happen to YOU...

    Good luck to you all.

  14. Yes, AIDS case. Clearly you took offense to it. I stated that I trusted my boyfriends while we were together, but after the relationships ended I discovered various lies that I had been told. Fortunately for me, even with boyfriends, I always do "wrap it up". I'm negative because I AM smarter and better than my positive counterparts who bareback. I don't dodge bullets, no one shoots at me to begin with, dumbass.

    And no, most heteros don't think that most gays run around in feather boas, etc. But they do think most gays are promiscuous (and they are correct), they do think that most gay men identify more with things that typically appeal to women (right again, Lady Gaga anyone? Madonna fan? Like Beyonce? Kathy Griffin worshiper?), and of course they think that most gay men are emotionally more like their female counterparts (right again). When I was in high school, stereotypes were based on fact, and now that I'm in my thirties, nothing has changed. Maybe your fantasy world is a pleasant one, even with HIV.

  15. I did take offense to it. That doesn't mean I have AIDS (because I don't). It just means people saying stupid shit pisses me off, Da Vinci.

  16. All this munbo jumbo say what you want
    You guys are all on Grinder and A4A manhunt an dCL
    And so am I
    Bark Bark
    Come down to it everyones going to bare back for that hot guy
    As a matter of fact I need a bump and on my way to The Flex with my free coupon I got at the White Party gift bag.

  17. Hell yah Papi! I'll be there after 5! Flex bound!

  18. It's true we are all whores will bend over for that hot cock
    So if you catch the bug -its your fault no one elses
    So DON'T bring out the violins for your sad story of woe
    Cause NO ONE CARES

  19. You are smarter but you aren't immune. And you will trust enough again to not use a condom. Karma loves the ones that say "never" so I suggest you not use that word in any rebuttal hereafter. Don't judge anyone unless you've walked a mile in their shoes. There are people out there who like to play Russian roulette with sex, but there are others who dont. And while they should own their part in getting the virus, it doesnt mean they deserve to be branded by trash. They made their mistake, they dont you to remind them. So continue "being smart" and keep your small mindedness to yourself.

    You forgot the stereotype that fags are a bunch of catty cunts. Right again.

  20. Aids case? LOL jeez I'm dealing with a 12 year old moron.

  21. You people are dumb. Gay men get AIDS because they are careless and promiscuous. Yes, there are outliers... one time mess up, cheating boyfriend, but these are not why we have more AIDS than any other group. As a group, we have many sexual partners, and do not practice safe sex.

    The meds are painful and you still lose 1/3 of your life or more.

    It's not worth it! Wrap it up or beat off.

  22. AIDS is a gay diesease. I am gay as well. And we spread it amongst ourselves. Those "AIDS" benefits people have are just another reason to have sex. I work for and still do ,Project Angel Food, whne I deliver a meal to some one -hey if he is hot I will bend over for him. At the Dvine Design event every year in December I get plenty of action there as well. I meet guys while the geliver furniture and goods to be used at the event and often I give a BJ behind a sofa or even inbetween clothing racks. So we have no one to blame its a gay diesease we spread it and will keep on spreading it. As a matter of fact all th APLA summer pools partys will be starting soon -thats where everyone slips it in under water in a hot tub or in the pool. So you asked for it you will get it! I have no idea if I have the bug or not but at this point in my life who cares? I am going to bend over for that hot cock or take down deep in my throat. Happy Hunting everyone!

  23. I've never trusted enough in the past to not use a condom, so saying that I will trust enough AGAIN in the future is dead wrong. And karma, like god, is a complete myth, so I'll use the word never as much as I please. I didn't judge anyone, rather I stated the truth that if anyone has contracted the virus in the last 20+ years and HAS NOT been raped or injected with a dirty pin against their will, they only have themselves to thank. And they aren't being branded BY trash, but branded AS trash. And most of them do in fact need to be reminded of their mistake, because most of them use their positive status as a reason to continue having unsafe intercourse, spreading the virus further. But at least you are right about the catty cunt thing. And to the next poster, I'd much rather be a healthy 12 year old moron than a mature HIV statistic.

  24. Everyone just shut up and fuck you know what will happen if you bare back-there warned

  25. above! well said!!

  26. Well, congrats, you're a healthy 12 year old moron. You have every right to your ridiculous as it might be. But calling out people as positive when you don't know it for a fact, is wrong. And judging someone based on their HIV status is also wrong. Have you EVER had sex without a condom? Even once? Because if you did, you could have EASILY been the "trash" that you're so quick to point a finger at.

    Just mind your business, and let people deal with their own. They don't need your nasty opinions. Your general statements of people living with HIV are exactly that, general. There are plenty of straight people doing the same damn thing. Being careless sexually is not a gay/straight thing...nor is it a positive/negative's about integrity.Integrity sees no sexual orientation. I never said anyone with HIV should be pitied. I said they do have be held accountable for their actions or non actions as it were. However, NO ONE has a right to point a finger at them because it could have easily been you, me or ANYONE who has had sex without a condom even just once...with a stranger or even with a long time partner.

    If you can say that you've ALWAYS used a condom every time you've had sex, I will applaud you. Still doesn't give you the right to be self righteous and consider better than anyone else. We're all equal, honey...and we all fuck up. In one way or another.

  27. Im fucked up butt i high i dont use a condim when i bare back

  28. Never without a condom, not even once. And never will. Applaud me. Nor have I ever called anyone out for having HIV. This is a public forum, the only statements I'd ever make here will be general. I wouldn't talk shit about people I know or don't know on here. On the rare occasion that I do have something nasty to say to someone, I say it to his or her face, without exception. I never gave a single nasty opinion, I only said that a vast majority of people who are HIV positive have themselves to thank. This is a fact. If you want to call my use of the term "AIDS case" nasty, then fine. Personally, I think it's humorous. But if you're offended, I take it back. Sorry. But give me a break with the "plenty of straight people" bullshit. Statistically 1 in ten people are homosexual. You think 9 out of 10 people with HIV (in the developed world) are straight? Fuck no. So keep applauding as I point the finger, because it COULD NOT have easily been me. Now if you'll forgive me, it's getting close to my bed time. I am 12, after all.

  29. This whole post got me Horned up -on my way to Melrose Spa...

  30. Its friday nite like Katy Perry can we just fuck n suck and worry about AIDS on Monday?


  31. Yah ,really i'm heading to The Zone

  32. Manny Patel just posted on his Face Book he is at 11.
    Does any one care?
    I thought he died from snorting too much Paprika!
    Oh I think his safrron colored teeth have thier own face Book.
    And he didnt go to the white party cause his teeeh wern't WHITE Enuf!!!
    Haha! Imma do a bump then head to the Abbey..

  33. Here's where POZ guys like to confuse you. Yes, there is a very small minority of guys who were infected by a cheating lover, or the 1% of time they didnt practice safe sex. This is not the problem for our community. The problem is guys who hook up 5-6 times a week, do drugs, go to sex parties, post online ads, etc. Any stat major could help show this... unfortunately most POZ guys cant ADD.

  34. Thats true- the Poz guys always try to blame "my bf cheated on me"
    No one cheated on anyone.
    Should have used a rubber in the first place
    I had sex with 6 men last nite at the zone
    I didnt suck any one off or have any one suck me off
    But they all fucked me good up the ass with a rubber on
    I then went to hollywood spa
    Got fucked 3 times there with a rubber
    I love counting how many guys have fucked me
    I had a great time showered at the spa
    Then went home took another shower and I dont have a worry in the world
    It felt just as great
    A few second of fun is not worth a life time of uncertainty
    No one to blame but your self
    Im a slut and hope to be an old slut one day:)

  35. Well said Slut !! (I mean that in the nicest way)

  36. If your Poz- your just a promiscuious whore- nothing new

  37. Have they ever tested Manny Patel's saffron color teeth for Malria or Jondis or Hep? Would be nide to know

  38. I am appalled at all the HIV+ accusations and misinfo to support your "opinion". It is as if you think those that are poz are less than or beneath you. I'd expect that from heterosexuals but not other gay men. Ohh wait, that's right.. It shouldn't be any surprise to see the attacks on this message board. It's been my experience that our community is very "territorial" (jealous, jaded, bitter, etc) especially towards our peers (them 'vs' me) as a result of personal emotional wounds.

    Haven't we experienced enough negativity already? Those in the community that are HIV- need to understand that HIV+ guys are living with that reality every day. Until you test positive personally, there are no words to describe the emotions.

    Just because someone is POZ doesn't mean they became infected from being a 'whore' and having no respect for themselves or those they have sex with. Yes, some were infected by no fault of their own.

    Being HIV+ shouldn't mean guys have to go back in the closet again and be alone. Our community needs to be compassionate. We need to support and continue to include those that are POZ in our community, instead of trying to be all self-righteous. There are many sanctimonious HIV- gays out there are lucky to still be negative since many of them aren't exactly refraining from frequent casual sex and aren't always playing safe (using protection) when they do.

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