Andrew Christian
April 24, 2012

Calvin Klein's Ex-RENT BOY Boyfriend Arrested for Coke Possession

We completely loathe this self hating, money grubbing, bump fiending, homey hopping, failed pornstar turned daddy cum dumpster.... WHORE!!!

Nick Gruber (r) was arrested for BLOW in New York this morning following an altercation with one of his RentBoy.Com colleagues!

Apparently he and a 20-year-old guest at his home got into a fight over the last baggie of cocaine when Nick $$$ Grubber punched the boy in the face. Neighbors heard the ruckus and called the cops at 5am!

When the PIGS arrived, officers say they were greeted by a male who had suffered some damaging wounds to the face ... they arrested Nick for misdemeanor assault. 
Cops say Nick resisted by "flailing his arms in the air." while shadily reaching into the front of his pants . When officers proceeded with a strip search they found WEHO's SNOW on his person.

Nick racked up the following criminal charges:
*resisting arrest 
*possession of a controlled substance

Moral of the story.. if you're going to be professional crack whore... control your temper!

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Blue Ivy & GG


  1. and no one likes you either wehoconfidential.

  2. Calvin Klein BriefsApril 24, 2012 at 6:52 PM

    I want to see the link to his rentboy ad! Please find that link wehoconfidential...or to any porn he has done!

    Yes please!

    And to the fucking idiot who posted above, shut the fuck up. It's lame to say you don't like something when you are clearly involved in it.

  3. I find this so hard to believe.


  4. Is he gay for pay? He is friends with "Johnny Torque" who is "str8" and has a gf. They come from some Northern California town that some studio recruits from.

  5. omg. doesn't calvin look exactly like simon sherry-wood +10 years. maybe only +5 years.

  6. This idiot has anal warts I saw it I touched it

  7. Hey! What happened to PHI PHI O'HARA winning DRAG RACE? Y'all kept posting it like it was a known fact and herstory that we had yet to witness.

    Guess that tipster led you astray? Everyone's been trolled by Ru this time!

  8. niggers just dont listenApril 25, 2012 at 7:35 AM

    This post you damn Nigger is about an escort /coke now GO pick some COTTON!


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