Busted: Rhea Litre Smokes Pot

Hopefully they won't fire from her job at the Stripper Circus for this incriminating pic!

WeHo really is the sh!t!!

To be honest we tried to hate this gender miscommunication.... LOL
but shIM is sertiosly the most legitimate queen in all of the Queendom.



  1. dollar store top hat and a bracelet from american eagle. cheap, just like her personality.

  2. top hat: Borrowed
    bracelet: BRAVE Accessories= Gift

    Personality= still cheap ;) HA!

  3. HA! at least you are self aware!

  4. I love Rhea she is friend with gaga and whoever is her friend is ok inmy book. ont op of it all I dont undertsand why people hate on her when she isthe only drag i see working on aregular basis. she always looks good and has a decent personality.

  5. "only drag I see working on a regular basis". WTF? You must be both stupid and blind. You obviously ate paint chips as a child. Your mother smoked, drank alcohol and did drugs while you were in the womb, and to make matters worse, she must have dropped you on your head. Repeatedly. Idiot.


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