Bad Company: Mathew Morrison Tweets Photo w/ Local Pervert

Matthew Morrison on WhoSay
Even though Mathew is on the hit TV show Glee he can still channel his inner duckling!
"I am friends with X-Men Director Bryan Singer. "
When will it end?!




  1. who's Bryan Singer? never heard of him.

  2. he's a movie director. i had an orgy with him and a chick and a black kid last night. i fucked him minus the condim.

  3. Jesus christ, Bryan Singer looks like shit! Still not as bad at that obese Dr. Robotnik he hangs around with...whats his name...Dan! RUN SONIC RUN!

  4. Considering how much crap Bryan Singer gets on this website, I'm wondering what exactly he does thats so awful? Does he deal drugs? Does he assault people, or steal from them? From what I see, this guy makes movies that lots of people enjoy, he enjoys his own wealth (like you wouldnt?), and I think he looks pretty good for 46, I definitely wouldnt call his looks "shit". As for his sex life.. so what if he likes younger guys?? And lots of them? Is that a crime. Some of you sleep around with older guys, or r obsessed with bears, or more than one or two guys per week (or more). If I were 46 and single and wealthy and I liked twinks, Id sleep with them too. So what.

  5. this is the main problem with Bryan: he TALKS way too fucking much. i know he doesnt do drugs but man youd think he'd hoover it like a snow blower. instead of quietly holding court like most of the rich daddies, or SHOWING us his "talents" with more (and better) films, all he does is talk talk talk talk TALK about how much he makes, how much he has, what he has, tells the dumbest stories ever that he thinks are great about the celebrities hes worked with, brags about his friendship with famous twinks like Lautner and chase crawford, then follows up with "but he's SO straight, we're just good buddies"...yeah ok Bryan like we don't know what you're tryin to do with that statement, we took psych 101. yeah ur only interest in spendin all that $$ on these already-fairly wealthy boys is friendship...and dinosaurs lived 5000 years and ago and the world is flat like ur botoxed forehead. just SHUT UP already!! DO more, give to charities instead of the random-twinks-you-fuck and obese-hangers-on charities and maybe one day the power agents and the A-list film directors will actually give you an ounce of respect.

  6. What about the gay perv Eric Podwall? That's another story for this place.

  7. agreed! u wanna talk about a slimy perv who always winds up, relatively, "on top" when he should be SIX FEET UNDER..... Eric Podwall!!!

  8. Tell me more about Podwall, I need some dirt!


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