What's The Word Yo?

All-Star Bone Smuggler
noun. bone smuggler

1. A sneaky Tranny. Usually in a non-preformance club setting. One who would rather die than disclose his male genitalia. Hence the smuggling of his bone!

Used in a sentence: "Damn, that is one full time bone smuggler!"

Also see: Vicky Vox who really needs to check herself. We've been hearing lately that Vicky has got a tad bit ahead of herself! HUNTY, you sell Fossil watches not Rolexes! Stop throwing shade like you're a household name! Sit your a$$ back down! At least you know your place in the drag world! Smuggle away baby!



  1. Oh My Gawd finally someone called that fat bitch out!

  2. oh yes, it is true ! All these drag queen have bad attitudes lately, which is pretty funny. You rely on people with real jobs to tip you. You might wanna try dropping the attitude! You are nothing but entertainment, so be nice and put on a show!

  3. niggers wear gold and greyMarch 15, 2012 at 8:58 PM

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    wheres is andy cochran
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    i need to hit the pipe but i love it when others are joining me and gigling
    Did you hear that Wayne took a bath?

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  5. Vicky Vox is the ugliest thing with and without make up,,,,, an all around butter body!


  7. To Annonymous's:Vicky Vox, is quite possibly one of the most amazing people with a heart of gold, yes We as queens may come off as bitches or rude sometimes, but you know what so does 90% of the gay population,its painful, hot and completely tireing to be in those heels and corsets to put on a show, anyways, Drag is a JOB WE GET A PAY CHECK THANKS, and in a couple DAYS EARN MORE THAN THE AVERAGE PERSON WORKING 40 HOURS A WEEK, and we drink for free, and never pay covers, end up on TV, party with stars , on top of it. Vicky may be a big girl, she may be messy at times, but thats what makes her act as outstanding as it is, this is why she entertains 5 nights a week. She works her ass off performing and being fabulous, she fights for what she wants and defends those she cares about. Thats a true human being, give the bitch a little break, she aint beggin for noones acceptance.

  8. You hoes know nothing vicky is gross!

  9. ^^^ so stay anonymous because you do not want to see what I would do to you if you told me who you were! my vicky is everything. she is a talent singer, vocal coach, entertainer, and friend. so fuck off and get off weho confidential if youre just going to read an art form you clearly know nothing about

  10. Vicki is a fat loser who is horribly ugly and talentLESS! Be real, YOU ARE A TOAD!

  11. I stay anonymous so that I'm not associated with such a disgusting human being. But hey, when I see her out Ill be sure to say it to her obese face. Hope what I have to say isn't too many calories!!!

  12. vickY* first off. And I'm morbidly obese, so you're half correct.

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Sorry you feel that way. And please come tell me how you really feel... I'd love to express how little of a fuck I couldn't give. People have shit to say... Let 'em...

  13. OK VOX ICUNT!!!! YOU BOW DOWN TO DETOX! We all know it.

    You are a shaken pig! You are such a fucking bitch when you are in drag and then when you are in boy form you shove your tail under your untouched hole that NOBODY would fuck even if they were Western Union'd to do so!

    Check the time on your FOSSIL watch, your 15 minutes will never come around baby doll! Keep making DETOX famous! YOUR NAME IS NOTHING BUT A BILBOARD FOR HER! BAHAHAHH!

  14. shit is getting heated!

  15. The REAL DetoxIcuntMarch 17, 2012 at 4:31 AM

    A.......I don't need a fucking billboard and IF I did I would be honored to have VickY as it. I'm sure whoever posted or commented on this was the bitter, strange looking "individual" with the 8 o'clock shadow and pumps at Mary's on thursday. Get a grip.

    PS....those of you who are TRYING to read either Vicky or myself should really use a dictionary....because if you really knew us you would know that we are COMPLETE grammatical nazis.

    You're welcome.

  16. Detox, and Vicky....... Please do not pay any mind to the negativity and vitriol posted by the jealous haters on this site. I think its funny they use fake names and are the ones begging you for our attention at your shows. No, they dont have the balls to come to talk to you about how they really feel. They hide behind an alias and continue talking trash... how sad. Ive been called everything in the book here. Sad, AIDS Trash, things I have the decency not to repeat. And you know what? IT FUELS ME. 2012 is a time where you make it or break it. And honey, those who are leaving these pathetic comments and attempts for attention are being left behind in our dust and MAC Powder, honey! Keep the faith. We love you. Keep doing what you do best!

    XOOXO Bobby

  17. VICKY FOR LIFE!!! She has been nothing but nice to me and my friends! WE LOVE THE ICUNTS!

  18. Vicky* spelled with a fucking "Y" is EVERYTHING! All the rest of you boogers can suck my nonexistent cock! LEARN HOW TO FUCKING SPELL, you illiterate morons!
    -You're welcome!

  19. I have said for the longest time now that I think Vicky Vox is one of the most talented queens out there. I know talent and she has it. She also has the kindest heart, and has been there for me when I needed it. She is real, honest, genuine and caring.

    Haters gonna hate, and Vicky and Detox don't need a lil nothing like me to defend them, but as soon as your working as much as these girls...THEN you can show your faces and talk shit...you'll never get there.

  20. Y'all are fucking dumb as hell, vicky vox is a nobody and will remain that way.


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