Tom Whitman Presents Adam Shenk Live

Adam Shenk is a pop/soul artist & acclaimed songwriter. Critics call Adam "passionate, playful, and mesmerizing." A semi-finalist on MTV's "Making of the Band 4," his music has been featured on "The Real World; Las Vegas," "Keeping up with the Kardashians," and on stage at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. Adam Shenk brings his act to Cabaret Ultra Suede in West Hollywood. Tickets: $25 – Seated (Includes a CD) $15 – Standing Purchase tickets at Two drink minimum. Cabaret Ultra Suede is a cocktail lounge/cabaret space, therefore, seating is open. We cannot guarantee that your party will be seated together. Parties larger than 2 are encouraged to arrive early.

Cabaret Ultra Suede
661 N. Robertson Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069
8:30pm - 10:30pm $25 Seated, $15 Standing//21+

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  1. tom whitmans promotions are getting tired, can someone please tell this old cunt to just give it up

  2. Serioiusly. Let's stop with the Cherry Pop and fucking all these wanna be loser singers... Tom W. is as typical as Weho! And I'm fuckin tired of paying to see all these whore queens!


  3. Tom you have very poor taste. PLEASE LEAVE

  4. Who would pay 25 bucks to sit and watch this, no thanks Tom we don't want to fund you to buys more nicknacks for your tacky house. I think weho has wisened up and is no longer interested in lining your pockets and letting you rip us off anymore. More Luke Nero please. He is the real deal

  5. Making the band 4 ? Keeping up with the Kardashians? Hardly something I would be advertising. Is this the best you can do and for $25, silly Tom. You are done.

  6. to the bitchy jealous queens: Tom is obviously very successful - he knows what he's doing - how many of you can say that about your own "careers"? you should do more research on the singer before you bash it. This guy knows how to give good performance.

  7. yawn dot com does anyone go to these tom whitman events? yestergays news...

  8. Everyone on here is a tired judgy fag. Over it


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