Team Britney Prepares for X-Factor

After turning down $10 million a year to appear as an X-Factor judge it looks like team Britney has finally settled on a measly, $15 million according to an inside source:
"Britney's team is almost ready to sign the contract for her to become a judge on X Factor.g Before the contract is signed, the lawyers needed to get approval from Judge Reva Goetz, as all business transactions, contracts, etc., need to get formal approval. Judge Goetz wanted to talk to Britney in person to make sure this is something that she wanted to do, and that she was capable of doing. The judge was extremely impressed and Britney is very, very excited to become a part of Simon Cowell's show. The judge signed off on the deal.
Under terms of the contract, Britney will be paid around $15 million a year. She will travel out of state for auditions, as long as it doesn't interfere with her custodial time with her sons. The boys will be allowed to come to the set whenever Britney wants them there. Her sons are her number one priority. Jason has been heavily involved in the contract talks."
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