Slammer Time for one of RuPaul's Queens - Raven

Talk about a caged bird singing the blues!!!

These queens from RuPaul's Drag Race sure do have their fair share of trouble with the law or in Raven's case trouble with the bottle.

That's right lil Ms. Raven or should we say David Petruschin was apparently arrested last Christmas Eve for her 2nd DUI & sources inform us that she has been forced to cancel all of her upcoming gigs.

Yes! Apparently a 2nd offense DUI is kinda a big deal since she is allegedly going to be locked up this Wednesday with no scheduled date for being released. We can't tell you how long she'll be dropping soap but we hear she will be sorely missed. And by miss we mean... most of us except the queens who will be filling in for her & trying extra hard to claim Raven's turf will miss her!

Any who please feel free to check out the info from her last known arrest below or just shoot her some love on the facebook.Link
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  1. Well his 15 mins is up. Pretty much on Ru pauls show no one knows who they are except the drag community. All the past queens unless they won no one knows who they are..I can even remeber who the two Niggers were that won from season one or two..was it Zulu or something well its prolly more who? who?
    Cant remebr that damn Niggers name!

    1. yourworstnightmareJanuary 27, 2015 at 5:42 AM

      fyi raven is of russian decent and you kept spamming. get a life. I am a straight women and you are a bore. Oh, a suggestion, die will ya. When I rule the world I will kill you and your type first. No joke! Bye bye sucker....

  2. Who? If this queen was on season one or two he is Long forgotten-just stay in jail!

  3. Who the hell is this flaming queen? Is this Justin Millian in drag? I thought we got rid of that nasty thing.

  4. Yah who the HELL is this? More Trash polluting weho with there sewege filled asshols!!!!!

  5. such ignorant comments and commenters.

    good luck, raven!

  6. Just another untalented nigger lip-syncing a song they didn't write, sing, or perform ever except for maybe with their tucked penis for some losers at Rage. Don't know anyone that cares..

  7. Wow, you guys sure are quick to talk shit about someone you supposedly don't know or care about. Very reflective of your character...hopefully you feel better about yourself now.

    Raven- that sucks you got caught up! Sending good vibes your way, hope you're out soon love!!

  8. 180 lbs?? That's rich! ... The boxy bitch swears

  9. Raven, you know you have thousands of fans all over the country, and we're rooting for you.

    Sending you love and support if you ever read this. Going through a similar situation with a loved one. Please don't listen to the haters. You are fabulous and bring joy to so many people. It may help to seek counseling after this experience. Nobody can do it alone, mama. Nobody.

  10. WeHo needs to delete the racist comments on here. No one wants to hear that rubbish!!

  11. jeez what's with all the racism and hate?
    I hope she learns her lesson, but Ill always be a fan!
    Good luck Raven!!

  12. I'm pretty sure there isn'y any Niggers on RuPauls and u must be one because of the ignorant comments that u just made! Raven is a very talented entertainer and he is worth 5 million of these stupid people that judge by the color of the skin or the sexual orientation of anyone, that is truly none of their business!! gROW UP, gET A LIFE OR A SET AND LEAVE PEOPLE THE HECK ALONE!!


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