WeHo's Santa Monica Bid Needs Support to Keep WeHo Safe & Build Better Events

With your support anything is possible!

Given the recent outbreak of fights, attacks and robberies at gunpoint lately we think it’s time to get some extra security in the gayborhood. We are tired of hearing about our friends having their murses snatched, Tiffany bracelets nabbed, or worse, that they end up in the hospital.

The city funded bike patrols during the holidays and the Sheriff’s Captain reported there were NO robberies or related crimes during the times the bike patrols were out, and this during a time of year when those types of crimes usually spike. West Hollywood should find a way to fund permanent and noticeable bike and foot patrols that will be out during targeted times when robberies are known to happen.

Besides city-funded bike patrols, there is currently a push to form a Business Improvement District, or BID, along Santa Monica Blvd. between La Cienega and Doheny. A BID is a defined area within which businesses pay an additional fee in order to fund improvements within the district's boundaries. BIDs provide extra services, such as cleaning sidewalks, providing security and marketing the area.

We feel that the extra services provided by a BID along Santa Monica Blvd are necessary given that it's not the jobs of security personnel from any bar or club to step foot outside to help innocent people from being attacked outside of their bar.

So a few extra security ambassadors every night roaming the sidewalks would not only prevent some of these attacks from happening but they would have the authority and obligation to step in when sh!t goes down on the sidewalk. The Sunset Strip has a BID and security ambassadors on foot, bikes, and cars every night, and deputies in the Sheriff’s Department say it is a huge help.

Call or email each city Councilperson and tell them you support Sheriff bike patrols!

And tell the owner/manager of every business you frequent along Santa Monica Blvd that you want to feel safe again as you party along the Boulevard. and ask them to attend the BID Petition Launch next Monday, March 19, any time between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. at the Ramada Inn in Weho.

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Little Ms. McGrough