Revealed: City Hall to Spend $16 Million on 200 Robo Parking Stalls @ Santa Monica Blvd. & Sweetzer

Fee-fi-fo-fum.. We smell a money pit.

We're happy to see the rich employees of this city will no longer have to worry about parking tickets. God forbid they pay a $70 ticket!!

Automated Garage - $10,600,000
Photovoltaic Panels - $825,000
Site Work and Community Plaza - $1,500,000
Design & Engineering Costs - $3,075,000
TOTAL: $16,000,000

Estimated completion date:
April 2014

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  1. Just try to tell me a standard multi-level NON-robotic parking structure would not have been cheaper and just as spacious? This is the Apple generation in charge: pay much more just because it looks cool. Fail.

  2. no, you just smell.

  3. Hay LA wake up and get over your self. Take the buss or cab to the bars like all the uther citys do!

  4. this $16 million parking structure will cost the city council their jobs. enough!


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