Jackie Beat - Gimme All Your Blood

So many words so little time... @236 views we're about to make this sh!t go more viral than the original HIV strand in the AIDS host monkey! Hang on to your T-cells honay, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

With lyrics like "I am still a hottie thanks to the Illuminati" you can't go wrong!! It's hard to top the original but this made the original look even sh!ttier! Yah we know.

When we saw Jackie Beat, our original Drag Queen of the Month, perform this little number live at the Abbey we felt like Lucifer himself levitated our bodies into the air & then slammed us to the ground as we burst into stitches. It was rather embarrassing ... but certainly the highlight of 2012!

Also isn't there some sort of law that makes it illegal for Detox to star in more than one viral video per month let alone per 72 hours!? #notfair #rupaulwhobitch

If you don't watch this video you're fucking idiot or your name is Patrick DiLascia & you still don't have speakers for your office computer.

Don't worry girls we'll send this to Perez Hilton personally lord knows she's going to steal it without giving us any credit anyway! #fu(ker

Jackie can thank us later... by waving that ginormous fee for the next gig we book her on!
(yah right)

x x x o
GG & Soju

ps - Directed by Austin Young


  1. Gurqqqqqqqqqqq mz. jackie beaTTT fisted me with a crack rock then smoked that shit right outta mah twitchin hole. we drove over to 54th and crenshaw and got our weaves did, then went to the back alley behind rage and set up our henna booth and sipped on moscato and semen from all the aZn twinks at gameboi.


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