Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Are YOU as cool as Sam Garfield's Roommate???

xo xo


  1. No amount of St. Patricks day can make his penis bigger.

  2. Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heavenMarch 17, 2012 at 9:04 PM

    Oh I rember this one- I had sex with him down and dirty after mu mothers funeral that nite minus the all mights condim. We did it under that crappy grey apartment on keith and robertson that crappy one behind pavillions..I fucked him gingerly- Then bang! I shot my load! Pulled it out and PU! He didnt doche there were a couple dingle berries on my cock! And some oats so I guest he had oatmeal steel cut from Trader joe's for breakfast! I rember he gave me his phone number name being Patrick- I was a bit hesitant to have some more dingle berry dick again...Well thats my story on this hoe...

  3. The lord above shall shelter me from the rainMarch 17, 2012 at 9:13 PM

    Patrick does love it bare back style with out the aid or protection or the sheath of a condim.
    Natural is how he likes it
    Theres been to many storys of him Not doeching before sex
    Theres ben talk that he has frequented the scat chatrooms
    so there might be a message he is trying to send to us whores of weho-may be he is simply a scat queen as in case reported so car he would suck off the male who would bare back him right when they pull there UN Sheathed penis out of his anus he would beg to suck on it and remove all the feces,dingle berries off the unsheathed penis that just bare backed him raw...
    Are there any others out there that would like to commint on there experince with bare backing him unsheathed then pulling out to find him slobberring on yur fences covered penis and some times dinlge berried cock?

  4. Minus the condim

  5. you guys are idiots. i would think all this shit was so much more funny if you could all spell or use proper grammar.


  6. Scotti would you like some twatty?
    Im board

  7. wait..in the Andrew Christian videos he looks really hung? I am confused? He is a hottie btw!

  8. His name is Patrick loves to bottom bare and may have Scat tendencies, as he doesnt docuhe and enjoys slobbering on a scatty penis from what we have heard as a Royal queen of weho

  9. The worse thing about Patrick is his Queenie fem voice. He brings new meaning to the word "feminine". You see him on facebook and u think hes hot, but after one conversation your dick gets soft. "Hey Girl! Britney! Werk bitch!" shit like that. I dont know how he expects to get a major acting job when he is so overly feminine. He's like a chick.

  10. why is he repped by a somewhat reputable agency?? is he a good actor? what if anything has he been in??

  11. i'll take him over Lucas John"s chubby ass anyday...still pretty cute, unlike Chompers John...

  12. sam garfield's ass tastes like green apples

  13. wow, he's hot?? maybe by rural Tennessee or North Dakota standards. Not hot, he's irritating (especially in the crotch region, he gave me crabs) and takes himself way too seriously

  14. Patrick is a complete woman
    Sqeeels like a lil pig when he is getting fucked raw
    Loves his man cunt played wit,fingered,fucked,spit on,and pissed on
    Loves his face getting pissed on
    Loves his scat as well
    Complete woman
    If yur looking for a male or anything resembling a male dont look here
    He is every woman
    You can hear "im every woman" playing ONCE he opens his mouth!
    Rest in Piece Whitny Hoston

  15. his hairy ass hole is tight, but sam is the one with the tightest hole and his is hairless

  16. i heard that their apartment has camera to film all of the gay sex and they sell subscriptions , that is how they are so rich. Does anyone know the site's name? I can't find it

  17. The anus has warts has Harriet TubmanMarch 18, 2012 at 4:02 PM

    Now who as the nicer hole?
    Sam or Pat?
    Lets talk about hole's
    Also let talk about anal warts one of them has anal warts whwich one is it?
    Pat or Sam?

  18. Pat had a flare up a few days ago ,but I dont know what the flare up was about could have ben herpes,syphilis or the old warts down there..I will seee if i can fine out....

  19. Hollywood lawn is no w UntuckedMarch 18, 2012 at 4:15 PM

    Just herd Holly Wood lawn has dyed...Rest in piece his penis and pair of testicle as they have been tucked for years,now its time to have them untucked as that how God wanted the m to be

  20. Pat is a total piss bottom loves to drink it from the tap
    Also a lil scat friendly as well:)

  21. Can you idiots learn how to spell before posting? I know most of you are uneducated losers, but is it that hard to copy and paste your text into Word and run a spell check?

  22. niggers and whites unite and shoot herion with meMarch 18, 2012 at 6:08 PM

    I cant spill very well butt I sure can sit hear and talk shit about everywon all day and 1/2 the nite because im high on crystal and please take a moment to suck my asshol
    thank you
    very much

  23. Hey Patti,
    Haven't seen you on BBRT today!

  24. Patrick Darab Hartigan = douche

  25. Also how can these guys be rich??? If this is taken in Sam's bedroom his clothes are folded in food crates......p.....lease!!!

  26. Is Pat still pretendin to date some one all the while having all thsi apartment and under the apartment sex with strangers minus the condim?

  27. Sara Lee made a pond cakeMarch 18, 2012 at 11:26 PM

    Pat need to shave his hole and Sam on the other hand has a smooth hole.
    Now lets talk about Pats penis fo ra moment does any one out there want to commint on Sams penis or Pats? Whos cut? uncut? any curves? any sizes?

  28. sam's penus is smelly and shmegmy. he is an alleged self-proclaimed "prude" which makes me says NEXT!!! go back to beirut or syria or wherever the fuck ur not-bin-Laiden-enough ass is from. hows ur dancing career goeeng?

  29. Just when I thought this site was a hotbed for cruel bullying and childish name-calling, racist bigotry adds itself to the mix. You'd think being a part of a marginalized group would make you a bit more sensitive to this type of hate speech. I'd hope we're all better than that.

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