Happy 20th Birthday ~ Steven Roberts!!

Another teen bites the dust...


Gurl...Who needs a fake ID when you work for Wayne & Bryan.? ?

Let the good times roll until ya turn 21 & someone who was born in "The Ohio Winter of  1995" suddenly pops up to snatch your fancy little job title..

 Wayne's ASSistant/ Bryan Singer Companion
West Hollywood, CA

In other Steven Roberts news... his boss was recently spotted on the Discovery Channel:

Wayne Castro

& his twinks

x o x o 


  1. let's plat fuck marry kill....actually id fuck and marry elton that's about it, dont know why in bloody hell he holds court with these low lifes. bryan you are the biggest TOOL on the planet, u fucking neurotic "too scared to smile" mess. stephen roberts...the white trash mike sullivan of 2012. if u really are straight, all the trips with castashadow and company arent gonna trump u having to suck bryan's little ween and having 3ways with whatever moronic actress he's dating to try and bait u these days. i'll send u a postcard when u throw in the towel and go back to oklahomo.

    T(cell) minus the condim

  2. he fucked me minus the condim

  3. Steven got so dressed up he put on 2 shirts for the occasion!

  4. This bunch was at Eleven kept sending this old guy over to everyone under the age of 23. This grandfather would ask each person to go over to the directors house for an after party. I use to laugh when I would read about it on this site, but apparently it actually happens. Pretty disgraceful when you are in your 40's, 50's and 60's yet only surround yourself with 20 year old boys. Seems like borderline mental illness.

  5. no he surrounds himself with fat leeches who look like jabba the hut and grimace from mcdonaldz who act on his behalf as a pimp. they ooze their way over to a young lad, extend a proboscous or tenticle to hook the lad, babble some nonsense about their rich director freind who gonna put him in the movie. Repeat x 365 nites a year. and of course it's mentul illness, no doubt!

  6. if your in your 40's, 50's, or 60's and can get a 20 yo, good for you. its not mental illness, just someone living a better life then you

  7. Well "getting" a 20 year old is probably a poor definition. I don't know if having them line up at a table so they can get Vodka poured down their throat constitutes anything substantial, nor would it be a very solid example of living a better life. There were a couple 20 year olds sitting WITH this group, but they were pretty average. I am in my 20's and would not lose sleep over either of them. You can go to any mall in America and find 1000 guys who look like the one on the left. However, finding one who will tolerate such a shady group of old men, well that might be the trait that makes him the diamond in the rough.

  8. ^^^^ i love you.


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