Gays of Our Lives: Our Interview w/ The Hottest Daddies in Town

After getting a lot of positive feedback on our coverage of..

Gays of Our Lives: The Gayby Shower ~ It's a Girl for Jirka Ambroz & Rasmus Dixen

... we decided to make you a little more familiar with our favorite hot daddies Jirka Ambroz & Rasmus Dixen as they prepare for the birth of BABY OLIVIA who is due this April.

We all know maintaining a gay relationship in WeHo is pretty difficult, we have a few friends who have even lost their beloved Marc Jacobs sunglasses & their chihuahuas in "the divorce", so we decided to pick the brains of these two experts in an attempt to learn more about how you can potentially become... a DADDY & avoid evolving into a bitter tired bar fly who name drops "Bryan Singer" as a friend in some lame attempt to get laid... #WAYNE # NELSON #CRAIG #TOJO

There is hope for you yet child!

It's time to teach.. as class is now in session:

Daddy Rasmus Dixon
Q) Can you tell us each of your ages and how long you've been together?

We are both 36years old and we have been together for 10 years.

Q) What inspired you to have a child?

J : I have always wanted children and knew I would have them one day no matter what.

R: I realized that being in California the opportunity was much greater so it became a natural next step in our relationship.

Q) Also where do you each work?

J: I am a president of Abacus IT, Inc a Computer / networking /repair company providing IT support to small and medium business and home users.

R: I work for an Danish shipping company

Daddy Jirka Ambroz
Q) Obviously there was a lot of support at the shower have you encountered any non-supporters?

J: We are very lucky to have so many great friends and our families that loves us and support us 100%. So far we have met only supporters that are very excited for us.

Q) Would you say you're living the American dream? Would two men be able to have a child together in your native country?

J: I am originally from the Czech republic. I have come to the US 14years with $400 in my packet not knowing a word of English. Today I have a successful business, loving partner and child on a way, I have also learned some English J - so yes I would say I do live the American dream. We are both very happy and thankful that we live in a time and country that allows us to have our own family. We would not be able to have our own child together in the Czech republic or Denmark

R: I am originally from Denmark and come to Los Angeles 11 years ago. I really don’t like saying that I am “living the American dream” We live a very normal life but I do consider us very fortunate to be able to start our own family. I know a lot of gay men who want the same and hopefully with the changing times this will start happening a lot more. We are just a little ahead of the curb. Rainbow children are not very common in Denmark because danish laws are outdated and restricts especially gay men from becoming parents

Q) What are you most looking forward to in raising Olivia?

J: Of course as any parent I will want the best for our child, but at the same time I want to prove that even today, living in such a consume and materialistic society, we can still raise children that don’t have this sense of entitlement. Children that have to work hard to achieve something. We will spoil our daughter with love, but we plan to be strict parents. I want to raise a loving, confident, strong, educated individual that will make a difference in this world and will know that she will always have two loving dads that she can always come back to.

R: I can’t wait to watch Olivia grow up and become an independent young girl/women. As I have gotten older I also acknowledge the values that my parents taught me and my siblings. Family, hard work and loyalty are very important to me. I hope to raise a girl that will be adventurous and will want to see the world. I want to encourage her to travel and be true to herself just like my parents has supported me to live my life.

Q) Any concerns?

J: I don’t really have any real concerns.

R: ask me after Olivia is born

Q) What's the key to your successful relationship?

J: As I mentioned we have been together 10 years. Relationships are hard work. It takes communication, patience, compromise and respect. It also helps that we each speak different languages, when I have the need to scream at Rasmus (which doesn’t happen very often J), I do it in Czech, which he doesn’t understand, so he doesn’t get offended and I get it off my chest J. But all this hard work is worth it.

R: Mutual respect and trying to understand why your partner has a different viewpoint is very important. The biggest challenge was accepting that compromise is not a bad thing and that you can still be your own person and individual.

Q) Can you tell us more about your surrogate process.. inquiring minds would like to know?

J & R: We did not use a surrogacy agency in order for us to save money. We have done all the work on our own, found the surrogate, egg donor, clinic, lawyers, criminal background check agency as well as a psychologist. We have fertilized half eggs with my sperm and the other half with Rasmus’ s sperm and then transferred two embryos, one from each sperm, to the surrogate. One embryo took and that will be our daughter Olivia that is supposed to be born less than 10 days from now.

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