Gays of Our Lives: The Gayby Shower ~ It's a Girl for Jirka Ambroz & Rasmus Dixen

Get ready to eat your heart out or at least take notes darling we're about to get cute with you!

Apparently gay men do everything better including but not limited to baby showers or shall we say "Gayby Showers"!!!!

That's right! Rasmus Dixen (left) & IT wizard Jirka Ambroz (right) are about to become the hottest daddies in LA!

This weekend the chicest couple in all of the queendom hosted the most elegant gayby shower we've ever had the pleasure of attending. Okay so we haven't been to that many but as Californians become more supportive of gay families we hope that this will be the first of many for us.

We know what your thinking.... And yes we actually took a break from our busy schedules of getting our nails done & asking how people pay their rent to prepare for the well..coming of baby OLIVIA DIXON AMBROZ!

That's right it's a girl & while there were no pink cigars the happy couple's pink valet team at the Mulholland Estate was the first indication, dressed in custom polos that read "It's a Girl" gurl!

Veuve Clicot flowed heavily throughout the evening while friends toasted & shared stories about the fathers to be. It was all very touching but just like any gay event... there was plenty of a$$ grabbing going on. Okay so we were the ones doing all of the tush grabbing but still... there was plenty to grab on to honay! ROAWRRRL!

The couple arranged for the conception of their very first child through a surrogate mother however the eggs were donated from a different woman. Six eggs were fertilized and little Olivia was the only one who crossed the finish line.

Unfortunately they haven't quite yet agreed to our offer for them to adopt & fertilize us.

A real stroller & presents

Friends & Family

Of course the staff was more edible than the delicious tray passed appetizers!

This adorable sign greeted guests as they valeted

Guests were even given the opportunity to style baby Olivia's wardrobe @ the onesies craft tables

And of course it wouldn't be a party without daddy & the Ducklings. Woo Hoo!

Certainly an affair to remember

So we suppose one question still remains unanswered..

Will David Cooley be be hosting Olivia's 1st birthday party at the Abbey or will the hot daddies opt for renting out the Ivy?

Stay tuned...

x o x o
G.G. & Blue Ivy


  1. i don't know any of these people at all, but this is adorable. i wish there were more stories like this on this site.

  2. you guys should learn the correct spelling of their names...

  3. Wish you all the best. Little Olivia is getting great family.


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