Founder Of Invisible Children Arrested Before Kony Himself!

Jason Russell was arrested last night for masturbating in public in San Diego! He was completely naked in the street right by Sea World running round like a crazy Tranny! What-A-Show!

We knew the whole Kony 2012 charity was fishy but this sh)t just tops it off! Invisible Children needs to be investigated just like NOH8! We can't believe the "advocate" was arrested before Kony himself, LOL!

If you already got suckered into donating to the PHONY 2012 movement scam, just know in your heart your donation probably went to the drugs/glue Jason was allegedly on.

The best part, Jason is at the hospital on 51/50 hold for being insane! We thought shit like this only happened in Hollywood! Nice to see crazy is an universal language!

Too bad Jason wasn't jackin it in a KONY 2012 T!

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  1. Is that bobby trendy?

  2. blowquandra the queen!March 16, 2012 at 7:54 PM

    Child Blow quandra's is here fron n center!
    Oh these pictures...I was just standing in my kitchen sturing my pot of ham hocks,neck bones and pigefeets for tomara Jambolliah festival down there in the project across from I be Weave hair salon and low and be hold on this THIS storey! MMMMM child look at that white mans fresf and supple skin..I swear if I didnt know better Id get a scalpel ans Skin that skin right off his back and make me litterally a flesh town bathing soot for the up coming swin season down at the Ymca for project bunnies!!! And thmbutt cheeks? Dont even think Id let them go to waist! Oh no child id slice them right off his back side and put them on my cake dish like a Bundt cake and invite everyone over for a fine Ass meal!
    and that linene like hair of his like an angel's? Got a place for that too! Id remove that scalp of his and poke a hole right through it and step my one leg in then my 2nd leg pull that scalp right up to MY hips and make the world first Human scalp skirt! Child you will see me walking up and down vermont avaenue like them white ladies do in paris when they got sumin on that No one has! Child you come dance right here in my yard baby, thats right come right down here to Normandie and Slauson baby and let Blowquandra give you the attention yOU need and yes we will poot you on you tube me tube tube top or what ever you want!
    Now yall have fun tnite!
    It gana rain you know,so everyone put on yur coats!
    If you dont have a coat -steal one
    They dont care at LASC or Block party them queens are too busy cruisn for cock!
    Blow Quandra!

  3. Jason Russell has a beautiful ass. I which i was right behind him, corning his hole, when he was bending over at that street corner.

  4. ^ LOL @blowquandra

  5. THIS JUST IN: noH8 is teaming up with Kony and selling pictures of Jason's ass with the noH8 tattoo on it and duct tape in his crack! all sales will be pocketed by Adam Bouska! get your Flossy Glossy Pic to support what an ASS both Campaigns are! noH8 doN8 to KONY!

  6. This is really a shame that the whole KONY video was a lie. I really wanted to help out for once. I wish I could get a refund. I guess karma came for this guy and she wasn't pretty!

  7. I've seen worse in weho, why isn't that guy that wears women's clothes on a bike getting arrested?!

  8. No w why would the guy in a bra on a bike get arrested you stoopid Nigger?
    What crime is he commiting?
    Fuck you

  9. His balls hang out you fuck an he flashes his cock ALL TEH FUCKING TIME!

  10. The Lord is my saviorMarch 17, 2012 at 2:59 AM

    So what who cares queen....yur gay ..yud love it to have his nutsz in yur face so shut up ya dang CrysTal queen -go spit on ur mothers grave -shes prolly ded for being AS dumb as you are! Damn ebt Nigger!

  11. the Kony thing wasn't a hoax because the dude was jerknig out on the streets you IDIOT.

  12. Happy martin lucifur Coon day!March 17, 2012 at 6:34 PM

    Hollly wood lawn Dyed!
    Finally that man can untuck his God given penis and testicles after Years of hiding them from the world. Let freee dim ring for his nutz!!!



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