First Listen: Justin Bieber - "Boyfriend"

We have the first listen to Justin Bieber's new song "Boyfriend". It's grown-up and sophisticated. The Mike Posner produced track is definitely the summer 2012 jam!



  1. It's a sad day when the word sophisticated is used in the same sentence as Justin Bieber. Given the source, I am not too surprised. The authors of this site have shown themselves to have the intellectual capacity of a gold fish and the social tendencies of a 14 year old girl. Pretty sad, since I assume, they are grown adults. Perhaps if they read a book or pursed an education beyond "sucking the air" out of some twink's "fart box," they might have some modicum of credibility.

  2. The person above me is associating a crude sense of humor with being uneducated, as well as the use of big words with being smart. Unfortunately he missed the mark on both accounts by a laughably large margin.

    Better luck next time, champ. :(

  3. Oh wow Anonymous 1, you’re so superior to us with your comments that we are not at your level of appreciation of the arts. Well you go read a book tonight, I ‘m going to try to bang Bieber, I hear he’s in town.


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