Chow Down (at Chick-fil-A)

162,000 views in the last 24 hours!?

If drag queens endorse Christian-right owned Chick-fil-A, is it still an endorsement? NOPE.


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  1. Willm Bellis 15 mins of fame dyed last nite
    RIP willim Belli's fame

  2. Hooked on PhonicsMarch 20, 2012 at 1:23 PM

    To Anonymous,
    At the very least when trying to be witty or rude, use correct grammar or at the very least "spellcheck". #Fail

    Helpful hints:
    (yet again) Willam*

  3. 162,000 views in less than 24hrs doesn't seem like the death of fame to me. Not to mention, Phi Phi's lame youtube channel where she is struggling to get views barely has 160,060 views for the ENTIRE channel.
    Anonymous please research your facts as your insults simply read as stupidity.
    See for yourself...

    ...but no disrespect..i understand, Education is expensive and ignorance is free.

  4. To Anonymous,

    a·non·y·mous   [uh-non-uh-muhs] Show IPA
    without any name acknowledged, as that of author, contributor, or the like: an anonymous letter to the editor; an anonymous donation.
    of unknown name; whose name is withheld: an anonymous author.
    lacking individuality, unique character, or distinction: an endless row of drab, anonymous houses.

    ...sounds to me as though you 1) Never had fame, let alone 15 mins of it. 2) Never will.

  5. uh, where is the dish from Weho Confidential on the Willam eviction from last night? So disappointed you guys don't have the dirt...

  6. my roomate works at Central Casting and told me that Willim was just an Extra on allll those shows He said he on- just an Extra! Did he think he was Marylin Monrow?

  7. Wilem Belli got all those old ass designer shows because he works at that used clothing store calld Crossroads-used ughhhh! Id never wear used shoes!

  8. For God's sake, learn to spell you fucktards.

    WILLAM BELLI played MARILYN MONROE in the pilot of "Wonder Woman" (which never aired.)

    If you watched any of the films and television show, you would know he has worked as an actor. He had a big arc on "Nip/ Tuck."

    He's also playing a big role in the movie about porn star Joey Stefano's life. A friend of mine played a few of the roles in the reading they did of the script and he was incredible.

    And he doesn't work at Crossroads.

  9. Hey- I did hear that he was just an Extra with no words to speek on them shows. And he does the clapping sound for some of the other shows that he mentioned. This i sjust all hocus pocus I think. And I did a search Cross Roads is where people peddle worn cloths - Now who in there right mind would want to work there and buy soiled shoes? Have these drag queens gone mad? Extra work and selling worn shoe? Not my cup of tea!

  10. Who is Willm Belli ? And why is everyone upset about him?
    What did he do or not do?

  11. Who is Williem Belli ? And why is everyone up set at him? What did he do or not do?

  12. Willm Belli is a drag queen to answer your question I dont know why people are upset at a drag queen-they are harmless funny guys that enjoy doning womens clothes and just have fun and be silly at night clubs. He is a man in womens clothes and from what I have read works at a used clothing store by day. So to be upset at him is beyond me.

  13. Who is Willm Belli? Is he in the above video or why was he brought into this post?

  14. You people are idiots.

  15. Las Vegas RoyaltyMarch 21, 2012 at 9:31 AM

    You are far from a place to be calling any one names.
    You are a fully grown man who could not don womens clothes to even make it on the Ru pauls Drag show like Jiglly Caleinet and Latrice Royale and other pieces of trash who were thought as worthy enough to be on that to show to show case their un civilized way of entertainment. Detox, I was at that open call when you auditioned and let me tell you- your Ronald Mcdonald brand of makeup and idea of entertainment which there wasn't any really ,belongs to silly circus when it come to town. You look like a clown. when you walked towards the line I thought youwere going to start handing out candy and balloons. Your out fits was not fitting,shoes were to big. You really need to have a more seasond drag queen take you under her wing and help cultivate you into being a dragster first then drag queen may be in a year or two. Then next time I come into L.A. I hope to see some improvment in your look because at this point you truly are reminiscent of Ronald Mcdonald or even I'd have to say that you are chanelling Bozo the clown with your atire and your idea of make-up.

  16. Instead of aking make up tips from MaMa the drag queen , Detox why dont you learn from Madame Laqueer who actually made it on the show and is doing national appearnces ! You look like John Wayne Gacy!

  17. LMFAO at the dancing in that fountain on wilshire and santa monica

  18. Fashion and Sense of StyleMarch 21, 2012 at 12:28 PM

    Las Vegas Royalty and a few other "Anonymous",
    First off, drag has multiple categories and types, and if the look is polished and executed well IT DOES WORK. Before you start to poke fun at what you may not understand, do some research. Although you may not "get" Detox's look, if you bothered to take a moment and not just think you already know what is going on, you might be surprised in knowing that there is much more than meets the eye. Detox, Vicky Vox, and Willam, have all been featured in music videos, television, film, and even LIVE stage acts. This does not mean it might be of your style or taste, but does prove the fact that they ALL are talented, otherwise songs you ALL are singing at a club on the dancefloor or while driving in your car would not cast them (repeatedly) to be in the accompanying video. I challenge you to actually say hello or investigate the package. On many occasions, a trained eye would take note on custom garments designed and tailored for her, as well as actual vintage fashion pieces that come from such key designers that have helped shape and evolve fashion into what it is over the years. People either follow trends or are the trendsetter and neither one is wrong to be. But again understand, that just because YOU do not "get it", does not mean something people should be taking note of or appreciating is not happening or going on before their eyes.
    Drag is fun, makes light of life, takes fashion risks, portrays a character, and teaches you how to laugh at relax...because I guarantee Detox, Willam, or anyone else mentioned prior is not taking anything you have to say to seriously...but instead, "laughing" all the way to the bank.

  19. I'm sorry but I have never heard of Vicky Vox,Willem,Detox...I"m not too far in Vegas..I would have heard of them if they performed at Krave,Pirahna or in the least the Buffalo. They must think they are famous but quite frankly they are just known to West Holly wood clubs I reckon....Get an agent and become famous like Shangela and Nina Flowers for the sake of the lord.

  20. These drag queens are delusional and high on Crack if they think any one knows who they are other then th epatrons at Mickeys on a monday night!

  21. Even Miss Barbie Q was in a gaga video....detox will have her turn in the sunlight...sometime...

  22. MZ. Drag Queen of WEHOMarch 21, 2012 at 8:09 PM

    Detox will probably be only famous at Hambermarys and fubar.
    Every week I see that queen do the same ol act at Mary's.
    I'm forced to watch it as I live on Sweetzer and dont want to travel n2 boys town cause I generally just work vaseline alley after the show. Her friend Laurrie is sweet. But really Detox if you want to be a part of the drag scene try somehing new your hosting is tired I yawn every time I see you. Give Barbeque a call or Alusisa or Mercedez Electra a call they will help out a blown out sister. And I almost fell over when yu wrote to me on adam 4 adam...Just about fell over. Excuse me everyone but I really need to do a bump now. I really do. Oh and Willem quit Cross roads- selling used shoes etc. isint very becomomg of you. Just focus on the back ground extra work., at least you are given a warm meal before you go home on those sets to caryy you through the night.

  23. I personally am laughing the fact that these drag queens think they are movistars by posting acting credits about them selves when all they have done is back ground work.

  24. Hello, everyone on here tonite..I m high on crack. I love the smell of a penis on my nostrils. I love the scent of rock cocaine...I love the feeeel of a boooty bump...i love the taste of warm scat on my tongue....i love the crveices of an obese mans asshol crack..but ONE thing I cant stand is the look of that tired drag queen named Moma He can eat shit

  25. Nigerrella! Momma is dead who i s alexis!?March 21, 2012 at 11:56 PM

    Momma is nothing but human waste/feces.
    His dman breath smells like Sdam Huseeins anus !

  26. Vicky vox and Detox can suxk my cock!

    Im black - Im whack!!

    On Face Book yoT Try to be mean? Baby you will bow down down down as you KNOW I am Queen!!

    You scream and yelled about your shows show shows? I looked around I said your name every said "who's she? No one knows"!

    Bany my ass is big Black and round- when I say for you to licket licket licket -you will as at your shows all you hear are crickets!!

    You and Vicky vox will bow down to my Black ass because moma and daughter have No talent or Class!!!!
    Black Barbie:) xoxoxoxoxoxooxox

  27. Re: Black Barbie

  28. Some one or should I say two guys got Read tonight. I guess Rupauls Library waz open tonight!!!! Shade of the read!!!!

  29. Black Barbie did some reading tonight

  30. HAHAHAHAHA! This is fun!

  31. Oh and MZ. Drag Queen of WEHO...PLEASE introduce yourself on Friday while you, yet again, come to my show with your unsupportive attitude and give the bar your money for whatever artery clogging meal you decide on and your choice beverage. Because, inevitably, whatever money you spend there is, in a way, going right in to my hand twice a week. Just cause you didn't get booked when we held auditions doesn't mean you know a thing. XXX

  32. One last thing....Las Vegas Royalty....I most certainly have every room in the world to call someone and idiot on here when every commenter is an illiterate bastard. As for your comments on my look at the staged "open call" you are completely mistaken. My clothes were cinched and corseted and my shoes were actually too small. I also didn't audition last year, which has been posted everywhere multiple times. Perhaps you should stop posting anonymously like a coward and reveal your identity as well so I could make an assessment of your look for the day. Although I am most certain that I would not even remember who the fuck you were or think you are. Good luck "ladies".

  33. (tapping Fingers on table) And what Detox and what? I read the above comment I dont think Las vegas Royalty mentioned you auditioned last years as IF any one seemed to care! That tired hocus pocus purple rain wig you had on didnt work two years ago and wouldnt not have worked last year etha! It was a DRAG audition not and audition for the Caifornia Rasins!!! Were you the entertaiment for the crowd of auditions? Cause everyone seemed to be amused except Rupaul and thats why you were tld to Sashay A Way!! Why don't you and your daugher get a pair of cymbols and just get a job perforing with monkeys at the circus when it comes to town!!
    Black Barbie

  34. As drunk and high as I am i'd thought I'd leave a comment tonight and my comment is: Black Barbie read detox to filth tonight! Burp . and good night

  35. That was quite a Read ,Black Barbie!

  36. Semms like Mama and Daughter got Red last night by Ms Black Barbie! They better hit the library!

  37. PLEASE come read me in person! People are so mighty while hiding behind an alias or remaining anonymous. Whomever this "Black Barbie" thing is must just be pissed she can't get a gig anywhere. Sorry bout it bitch.

  38. Again, assured that "Education is expensive yet ignorance is free!" These "Anonymous" and unknowns consistently state that you, Willam, and Vicky have done nothing noteworthy yet state for example that Barbeque was in a Gaga video...funny considering these same fags will squeal like a pig when the DJ plays their favorite Rihanna, Ke$ha or Pink song not knowing that you collectively have been in all three...everyone should do themselves a favor and Google at the very would prove everything thing you are stating as a argument to just be stupidity!

  39. OMG!!!!!!! See here's the thing...the thing is Detox, Vicky Vox and Willam are EVERYTHING!!!!! Das IT!!!!!!!!!! Your welcome.

  40. Over half a million views in just a couple days...sounds to me the bitter queens who open their mouths without thinking or getting the facts are a bit jealous about their own failed attempts at stardom and fame...or perhaps upset about the inability to gain an audience on their own, failed youtube videos and channels.

  41. Now May're*!

  42. i'm at Krave nightclub headlining on March 30th. come say it to my beautiful bearded face.

  43. Black Barbie has RED you before to Filth ,you know who this is! Im the Star in this town. And you Will be Red again. And again . And its going to be to filth again!

  44. Now Barbie *read

    And this video is everything. Thing is no other queen from race has had as much of a successful video or song for that matter. And Vicky and Detox give LIFE to everyone. Once you do something even similar then you MIGHT be able to speak on it


  45. Bow Down to Black BarbieMarch 22, 2012 at 10:09 PM

    Black Barbie does not car about any one on any race except the winner.
    And that winner is Fi Fi .
    Nuf sed
    How ever You all will be Red.
    To filth
    As you are all Drag Milfs
    On this week I will come read at your shows
    Asking around I heard no body goes
    Every where I go it Rocks
    Im wondering who the hell is Vikcy Vox?
    I shall sit at the show and kick it
    Wondering why alll I hear are Crickets
    I am weho's shiney Star
    And yes yes YOU know who I are!!!

    I dont need to do a lil video for people to seee
    Every thursday nite 4000 thousand poeple Scream for me!
    Black Barbie

  46. Black Barbie just Red.

  47. Black Barbie is teeching these weho queens about reading!!
    The shade of it all! And Las Vegas Royalty is a bit mouthy as well.

  48. GOD DAMMIT!!!! Don't you dried up bitches have anything better to do than sit in front of a computer and trash hard working an TALENTED queens!! #whyyoumad
    Probably because these 3 BYTCHES be GIGGED the HOUSE DOWN and you spend your time doing "makeup tutorial" videos or sniffing the cockeyed, taped up SACK of PHI PHI O'HARA!
    In closing,
    Get a LOYFE, maybe a JOB even and GET THE FUCK OVER IT!
    Detox Icunt
    Willam Belli = E V E R Y T H I N G
    Vicky Vox

  49. everyone fuck off!!!


    BLACK BARBIE ... YOU ARE RIGHT ... YOU WILL BE A big deal ... when monkey's with aids are cooler than fags in dresses... #notgonnahappen

    bottom line ... NO ONE CARES ... GET OVER YOURSELVES...


    I'd really like to know who all of these anonymous posters are. I mean, come on guys...does this really make you feel better to try and come for 3 of the most talented bitches out there? Just because they're not performing the same Lady Gaga numbers over and over for the masses...and actually are able to come up with something original and cutting edge, this gives you the right to come for them?

    We're all entitled to our opinions, I sure as shit have my opinions but when I'm going to voice them, at least I am making myself known.

    IF you ever even had the privilege of knowing D/Vicky/Willam like I do, I'm sure your opinions would change, but rest assured, they probably wouldn't give 2 shits about you anyway.

    As for Mz. Drag Queen of WeHo...thank you for the comment, but seriously, do not throw shade at my girls. And it's, *Laurie. I may appear to be sweet on the outside, but beneath it all, Blitz can be a Bitch. Reveal yourself.

  51. Laurie please go Masterbate in the valley

  52. My Sister Phi Phi has taken the crown. My family is a family of winners. Detox- take this as another lesoon. may be you can send itttty bitttty lil viky vox to the Black Barbie's school of Drag! Yes all will bow down to my sister Phi Phi and bow down to Black Barbie!!! Getting kicked off drag shows and beinng asked to LEAVE AUDITIONS just don't run in our family. No No No like Amy Wine House said. Detox . Learn . And learn it will.
    Black Barbie

  53. Black Phi Phi is your sister?...then who is to blame for her wonky eye or "bag of milk" shaped body? If this is your sister then shame on you for not helping her out! At the very least you could have gone to Auto Zone and picked up a pair of pliers and yanked that extra snaggle tooth to the top right of her canine. I am also hoping with some of the time she is obviously NOT using in the gym, she might have taken a voice lesson or read a fashion magazine. True, Black Barbie...she is a "rare" queen, for she has undeniably managed to not only irritate one, but two of the five senses...sight and sound...and by the looks of her I am quite positive, the sense of smell as well.
    Some advice I might add, you should do a better job at getting exposure to yourself as I honestly do not know who you are. I have never seen you on film, heard you on audio, been in an audience of a show involving you, or at the very least heard your name being discussed amongst the public.
    And Black Barbie...exactly what "crown" has Phi Phi taken?...certainly NOT America's next Drag Superstar...perhaps the one from Burger King?...Dear dear...somebody should have told you...those are free...they give those to everyone.
    Finally "Plastic doll of the darkest shade"...I leave you with a final thought which should resinate more powerful than anything else that can or will be stated here...Willam eliminated him/her self. Willam WON the challenge and was NOT up for elimination. Phi Phi at this point was one of the 2 worst for the week. So in actuality, she had (to be fair) a 50/50 chance of being sent home...NOT Willam. Phi Phi did not take anything...she got lucky, and no matter what story that pig might spin or squeal...she can never say that she sent Willam home...because she in fact did not. (and no one likes to a win or second default)

  54. <>



  55. Now that was a muthafuckin' read! And with proper grammar and spelling. You might wanna pick that face up off the floor Black Barbie, it's getting crushed underneath my Louboutins!

  56. Petula: THE ONLY straight girlMarch 23, 2012 at 3:42 PM

    First off… A READ**************** IS BASED ON FACTS. THATS WHY ITS A READ.. AND THATS WHY and ONLY WHEN ITS FUNNY/AMUSING TO OTHERS! Can those that are anonymous please stop acting like you are the FUCKING MISSING LINK TO PARIS IS BURNING. Sit down watch it , watch the movie THE QUEEN, or tell me who you so I can fucking school you. I MEAN! Black Barbie (aka you are clearly a keloid-ed booger if that is your fucking "alias') Doesn't your PC or 1986 Mac have auto correct or a spell checker? I do not get how some words can be typed out of your with such ignorance and stupidity? You don't even re read your alleged reads you fucking moron? D, VOX, AND WILLAM are three of the most talented, charismatic, educated, hard working, stunning queens & FRIENDS I have met in my life. NOW LET ME SCHOOL YOU. I have been to those 3 booger tranny clubs you speak of in Vegas. Krave is nice because THEY HIRE RUPAULS DRAG RACE QUEENS TO PERFORM AND Korey the events manager is a sweetheart! There are only 2 good queens in VEGAS. 2!!!! I know both of them and yeah thats pretty much it, Queens go to Vegas for gigs, they do not need to live in tweeker land to make coins… especially when the three above are the most booked in California. And you are coming for queens who reside on a website based on our fucking city?! I am so confused. I have traveled and scene queens FROM ALL OVER THE FUCKING WORLD and the three queens above put 99.9% to shame. get into to or get the fuck out. I know black barbie or the other ignorant aid's carriers above do not have cable and are probably in an internet cafe' to post their comments. Go watch the video again and another episode of drag race, make the girls above and us all more popular. Have a fucking lovely afternoon, I am sorry I took the time out of your "looking for trade off craigslist life" :) :) :)

  57. Hit Post T?!

    Good fuckin' luck everyone.

    And miss "Black Barbie" is coming across as though she might possibly be Samantha STAR.....hmmmmm....thoughts?

  58. Black Barbie will not be picking up fences.
    Don't be upsett that my Drag sister Phi Phi took the crown
    Go a head make fun of her and her body
    But guest what?
    She took the crown
    Detox your sister got kicked off the show
    You were NOT even asked to be ON the show
    And your daugher?
    Im still WEIGHING in the facts
    There no Loubotan for you to step on people as you cant afford them ,queen
    And let me tell you if Im going to be kicked off of something it will be better then the Rupaul show honey
    And it will prolly be the the State Dinner at the White House for being to sexy!!!
    No lil queens bo brush your wigs
    You have ben RED again
    And Laurie go back to North Hollywood and shop at Sears
    Black Barbie

  59. Black Barbie remains above lil weho drag queensMarch 24, 2012 at 3:32 PM

    The facts again are:

    Your drag sister got kicked off a show -Fact
    Your drag daughter is an unknown didnt make the show- Fact
    You Detox were asked to Leave the audition-Fact
    My drag sister Phi Phi won as you will see- Fact
    4000 people scream for Black barbie every thrus night-Fact

    And there are the facts again..
    does calling me another name change the facts?
    NOOOO they dont
    So lil drag queens..go get your party city wigss combed:)

  60. Plastic Doll of the Darkest Shade,

    You do not use spellcheck-Fact
    You do not make grammatical sense-Fact
    You are not known or even being considered relevant due to hiding behind a made up name-Fact
    You have no proof Phi Phi won or took the crown-Fact
    Phi Phi is STILL built like a bag of milk-Fact
    Detox and Vicky ARE well known and have been on worldwide media such as music videos for celebrities-Fact
    I have never heard a scream for "Black Barbie" on ANY Thursday night-Fact
    Laurie is heiress to the SEARS fortune, resulting in your jealousy due to not allowing you to use her discount-Fact

    So now, when you ask if calling you "another name" changes the are actually correct. It does not.

    Illiterate !!!

    See?...You are still Illiterate.

  61. Black Barbie---you reign all superior over WeHo queens how?? By hiding behind a computer screen without revealing your true identity? You have gotten your 'facts' once again false...I do not reside in North Hollywood, and the last time I stepped foot in a Sears was to purchase a quality Kenmore appliance. Get your facts straight, honey.
    On a different note, I invite you to come introduce yourself to me any night on any given Tuesday at Rage. I will be sure to give you a piece of my mind in person. I'd love to see how you really compare. Yes, that is my challenge to you, barbie. Good fucking luck!
    Or better yet, let us all know where to find you on this Thursday night where you supposedly draw 4,000 people (screaming for you). I would love to come support. HA!

  62. I'll make sure to buy PhiPhi an eye patch when I make a run to Party City for my wigs this Sunday <3

    Ms. Delano

  63. Long Beach Queens unitingMarch 25, 2012 at 12:42 PM

    You are full of shit, Delano. Your name is appropriate as "Del Ano" means "From The Ass". Now shut da fuck up.

  64. Long Beach queens....kiss my ass house niggers!!
    Im heading to party city!
    MZ De Concepcion!

  65. Black Barbie Feat: Long Beach In the House!March 25, 2012 at 1:14 PM

    I will Unite with Long Beach Queens!!!
    The LBQ!!!
    We will lay down the law
    So shut yur gaping Maw
    Phi Phi will take th ecrown you all will bow down
    Long Beach and Black Barbie are in the house!
    Compared to our reads you are nohing but a mouse
    Why are Black Barbie here with Long Beach?
    Because we are here to Teach!!
    Purple $10 dollar Party WIGS?
    YOu aint got nothing on us NIgz!
    Black Barbie:)

  66. do not make sense and your dialog is hard to follow. Instead of "TRYING" to must first actually learn to do well as spell.
    At the moment all you are doing is repeating the same statements over and over again. You still have NOT proven anything.
    This also includes where 4000 people know who you are, whether Phi Phi has won, or at the very least who you are.
    if you were in fact as big as you say you should make it very clear. i would think you would be proud of yourself and able to prove your allegations...NOT hiding behind an alias.

  67. The facts are this regardless of anyone else. Phi Phi was obviously insecure or she wouldn't have cared so much about Willem, if you dont care you dont talk. Nuff said.

  68. Mike,
    Very well as she would not have attempted to bribe Latrice with the cruise she had won in exchange for her throwing the challenge to put her and Willam in the bottom two.

    We ALL saw.

    Facts are facts...and that is why I do not need to use profanity or threat, as the truth always speaks for itself.

  69. Is this real life???

  70. Eastcoastboy:

    It's not real life. It's reality television.

  71. 1)Hopefully, Phi Phi ISN'T the winner of this year's Drag Race because, well, she's fucking untalented...(non-stop bitching and back biting and bitterness aren't really talents.)
    2)If, for some ungodly reason, she IS the winner, how do you KNOW she is the winner? Because according to the contract every contestant signs, that is a secret. So, if the lovely Black Barbie is indeed a confidant of Miss O'Hara and Miss O'Hara spilled the beans to you, Miss O'Hara is in violation of her contract.
    3)And, hopefully this is a fucking lie, because if that untalented, walleyed, sack of caca is the winner this year, Ms RuPaul had better kiss her empire good-bye because the fans will go into berserker mode. We put up with two horrible choices and one so-so one; we're not going to put up with anyone winning over Sharon or Chad.


    Disgusting fugly clown faced hag.

    No one in TX liked her very much that's why she had to bounce! Her make up is busted, her face is busted, her pussy is busted.

    Busted bitch is phucking phugly and a phony.

    Phoenix O'Hara was her name before she shortened it... I wouldn't be surprised if black barbie IS phi phi.. hmmmmmmmm......

  73. um, this video is fantastic.

    who are the uncredited guys- especially the "gay for pay" guy? He's hot.


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