Amadeus T-Shirts (Photoshop Not Included)

If you had any doubt that mega superstar Amadeus had an A-list team behind his productions you were wrong! This is some olden shit!

Just look at the well designed T Shirts you can buy on his website:

Head over there for a laugh! GURL!!! J'Die!

According to his Offical Website's view counter: "NUMBER OF BITCHES THAT VIEWED THIS SITE 6724so it looks like those T-Shirts are going REAL fast!

xo xo 
Orangello Daiquiri


  1. I'd rather wear Ed Hardy.

  2. J'die lol love it.

  3. I honestly cannot tell if he is merely a crappy 3rd world popstar wannabe - or a *satire* of a crappy 3rd world popstar wannabe.

  4. His thick Mexican accent is apparent in his BIO with all the typos. I'd laugh and point if I saw someone wearing this shit.

  5. Actually there are obnoxious typos all over this hideous website.

  6. This horrific song has now been stuck in my mind for 48 hours!!! Thanks WHC :/


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