Andrew Christian
November 4, 2011

West Hollywood Sheriff Allegedly Arrests & Returns Gay Man After Escaping Torture in the US Army

When I was 18 years old, my dad made me join the Army in order to get my life together and become more of a man (in other words...straight.) I was desperate for my father's love since after I came out, he didn't take it that well after beating me up. I joined the army and 2 months before basic training graduation, I was led on by a guy and was framed for homosexual conduct.

During the investigation, I was constantly bullied for my "lifestyle" of being gay and for being who I was. This time for me was very depressing, horrible, and I was desperate to get out. In late November of 2007, I went AWOL and moved to California. I met wonderful people of all walks of life and finally found my chosen family. I've lived a happy and beautiful life working in LGBT rights, running marathons, and being with my friends.

On Oct 31st 2011, I was arrested in West Hollywood on the way to a friend's house for no reason at all. The sheriffs found about my warrant and took me in. I was just released from LA County Jail but have to report to Fort Sill, Oklahoma to surrender myself in. I am frightened, scared, and worried that I will be physically hurt for my being openly gay. This is where I need your help.

Please post my story on your FB, blogs, twitter, and etc in hopes of more people hearing me out and supporting me. I do not want to serve time and I have not been this afraid ever in my life. I want to continue to live the life I am living here in LA. Please help me.

I am boarding my plane as we speak, and I won't be able to contact any of you.

My sister will be updating my statuses and giving you guys updates on how I am doing. If you wish to contact her, her number is 252-363-2487.

J.T. Chestnut.

PS. I'm so sorry for not sharing this dark secret. It causes too much but knowing u guys made life worth living. I love you. And while I am away..please don't forget about me :(

"And if by chance that special place, that you've been dreaming of. Leads you to a lonely place, just find your strength in love."- Whitney Houston

Apparently Weho ain't the safe haven J.T. hoped for. We were very interested in hearing Capt. Fazer's side of this story however she was "out to to lunch". We waited for over an hour & half for her to return our call.

We have to wonder why the West Hollywood Sheriff would be so insensitive to such a delicate issue. West Hollywood should be a safe place for victims of hate & discrimination. The sheriff could have let him go like they do with most people who have warrants.

xoxo Neo


  1. The guy went AWOL because he wanted to get out of the Army because of DADT? Why didn't he just accept a DADT discharge? I'm sorry, but this guy freely joined the Army as an 18 year old adult. He should have dealt with this in an adult way, not by running away. It's time for him to face the consequences of his own choices.

  2. So what you are saying is that he needs to be punished because he made the wrong choice?

  3. He was 18 at the time, was scared and probably didn't know any better. I would run too.

  4. All 18 year olds are no doubt nervous and scared when they first join the military, but it was his choice, and he made a commitment. If he was unhappy, he should've requested a discharge and handled the situation like an adult. Running away from his obligation is disrespectful to himself and to those who are honorably serving.

  5. hahaha...oh come on ...this is WEHO, where no one takes responsibility for their lives!! Live, fuck and shit on everyone!!!

  6. The sheriff around town has gone to complete SHIT. And I fucking hate that WeHoDaily sucks their damn cocks left and right. What's going on with the latest beatings aside from the one meeting? What is sheriff doing to help us? Are they patrolling the streets at a higher number when it gets dark?

    This is some shit. Our safety is what they should be looking after, not arresting some dude who refuses to go back to the army because he feels unsafe there and safe HERE.

  7. I know JT personally. In fact, I know him fairly well. He's a sincere, hardworking young man who not only pulls his own weight, but works with youth and the community to make the world a better place. Yes, he might have followed different procedures ... when he was 18 ... but that was a different political climate, and quite frankly he was traumatized from having his spirit and body beat down. That he's being arrested and held now just feels ... well, it feels WRONG. There's a petition you can sign for his release at:

  8. It took us decades to win the right to serve in the armed forces. And less that two months after we won that right, we have this guy waving the gay card everywhere, saying he can't serve in the military because he's gay (unlike thousands of gay people who do), saying he couldn't keep his dick in his pants during basic training (like everyone else does), saying he was "framed" (when he knows what he did), lying about the Sheriff (as if they'd arrest someone on Halloween night "for no reason at all" - he knows what he did), and whining that he shouldn't have to be responsible for anything (like everyone else) - and all that just because he's gay. Disgusting! The gay community should disown this filthy piece of trash. If the homophobes pick up this story, it will be Exhibit A to reinstate DADT. I hope this wad of garbage is locked up for years. He has no respect for anyone, he's obsessed with himself (check his Twitter, Myspace and self-created Facebook fan group), and he needs to go to the brig for a few years to have time to think about whether he's going to grow up and be a responsible adult.

  9. His story (minus the AWOL part) is hardly uncommon. You can find dozens of similar stories on the internet about service members being outed by alleged friends they confided or who found out, and who were then harassed during the discharge process. Both verbally and by giving them demeaning, menial tasks. That can drag on for weeks.


  11. Sorry he went AWOL and that is a crime, he must stand up for those charges scared or not. THAT is why WEHO sent him back because that is the law. So quit bad mouthing them for doing what they should. If he was an escaped prisoner for rape would you be mad they caught him and sent him back? Of course not.

  12. I know this guy and he's full of crap. I've heard so many unbelievable and impossible stories come out of his mouth, and sincerely doubt that this story is true. He's also stated on his Facebook page that he isn't interested in people signing the petition, but they can donate money to him via Paypal, so he can "get back home" to LA and because he won't have a job or anywhere to stay. I believe he's a compulsive liar and a conman with a desire to constantly create drama in his life to gain attention. Lying to people to get attention is one thing... lying to get money out of people is fraud. Someone should start doing some fact checking here.

  13. Anyone who really knows JT for an extended amount of time starts to really wonder about his stories. The only consistent thing about them is that they're inconsistent.
    This story is probably 30% true. Think about it people, either he or his sister posted on Facebook to not distribute the petition but you can go ahead and donate. Donate for what? He'll be back in LA in no time drinking your donations at a Karaoke bar.

    He's a grown man with grown responsibilities but people keep bailing him out and believing his stories. He is a charming young man with a lot of potential. If only he were honest with others and especially himself.

  14. JT is a thief and a conman. This will all catch up with him.

  15. JT is a compulsive liar and a THIEF!!! He's a conman that you all should be aware of!! You should ask him how he makes money because
    volunteering may be nice thing to do, but it does not pay rent or bills. I am glad he went to jail and he should pay for not owning up to his responsibilities!!

  16. Was anyone else as appalled by his disco shorts as I was. He was so fucking full of shit. He told people he was David Beckhams' personal trainer, that he was besties with Whitneys' daughter, and best of all, that he was Zack Effrons' boyfriend. He also told people he tricked with Zsa Zsa Gabors' husband. The last one was the only one I believe since every retarded hustler in WeHo has tricked with him. Stupid bitch.

  17. Typical JT. Blaming his mistakes on other people and acting all innocent. In the entire time I've known him he's never taken responsibility for anything ever.

  18. In reference to the title--Torture? Like Abu Ghraib? Or torture as in "why dont I get to be flamboyant and have sex with everyone that I make eye contact with?". Answer: don't join the army...straight or gay. It's not a loving and open minded place.

  19. Vince Piccioni your gonna tell me about the real world? DO i know you? Im just kind of offended because i have friends with HIV and the last thing they would be doing is trying to spread it around. i know there are people that might not care BUT minority does care. WOAH..


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