Barron Hilton Celebrated his Birthday w/ Penis Cake:

Sources say Barron Hilton, the older of Paris's two younger brother's, celebrated his birthday party at Beechers Saturday night at the Roosevelt.

His cake came out with a Cock on it and a sparkler!

He kept blowing trying to put the sparkler out.

Interesting.. is he gay?

We're pretty sure her youngest brother (Conrad) is a total mo'mo but now both brothers appear to be playing for the same team.

Time will tell but until then we'll let you decide.

xoxo G.G.


  1. THIS IS SOOOO TRUE! We were there, Cory Monteith, Derek Hough all there at Beechers! its actually our little escape from weho so don't tell everyone about this place. Drinks are expensive and its a tiny club and for the gays, Size Matters! but his cake "CAME OUT" wish he would, he is hot! and a Dick was on it! there were so many people taking pictures. someone quick befriend him on Facebook. funny how befriend kind of looks like boyfriend. All Signs point to You Gay not just gay friendly like your SiS!

  2. Barron has been linked to that kid Nick Prugo from the Burgular Bunch. Apparently that kid stole more then just Jewelery.

    WE NEED AN UPDATE ON THAT KID NICK PRUGO! I am sure he has a better story then Life Times Bling Ring, like maybe Logos Version, Soap On A Stick!


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