An Official message from Mayor John Jude Duran

Earlier this morning we posted an article titled...
Mayor John Duran Denies Rash of Attacks on Gay Men in West Hollywood

Since we obviously work on different schedules, we felt it was appropriate to update you with the Mayor's response:

We have had 3 incidents in the past 2 weeks that involved physical attacks on 3
victims. Both the Sheriffs Department and City hall take these violent crimes
very seriously. West Hollywood is not immune to the criminality that exists
around greater Los Angeles. I think that some LGBT people think muggings "could
not happen in Weho". These crimes do happen! After clubbing, never walk home
drunk alone at night. Be aware of your surroundings. Be wary of dark hiding
places. Muggers want your wallet. Bashers want you dead. Some criminals want
both. Crime in West Hollywood is statistically down. But we should never let
our guard down 365 days a year.

Mayor John Jude Duran


  1. He's a cunt who just regurgitated what's posted on the website about general public safety. The issue isn't just gay, it's neighborhood-wide. He needs to get his head out of his high-rise developer pandering ass and acknowledge that something needs to be done to create safer zones not only on the major streets of WeHo but also on the side streets that are void of street lights. Hopefully WeHo voters will take Duran and his lifer council cronies to task in the next election. They seem more concerned with banning fur and smoking than concentrating on REAL issues like public safety, over-development and affordable housing. Duran and his cohorts are so completely out of touch with the constituents of West Hollywood that it's time to take them to task. Duran needs to spend less time trying to be gaymous and more time trying to connect with the city's residents. Three incidents may not be a lot but it's still one too many.

  2. All this talk about the multiple gay bashings or muggings in weho and how the city needs to be safer, placing blame on everyone else, it really cracks me up. Yes, there are many parts of weho, and parts that need to be reviewed by the city by adding more lights, taking precautions to be sure that all areas of the city are more safe.. yada, yada, yada. There are muggings everywhere not just weho so the city isn't really that much more important than any other. They aren't necessarily gay bashings. The city is crawling with gays, of course gays are gonna get mugged and beat. Everywhere else is crawling with straights, and yes, they get mugged and beat if anything more than residents of weho. So is it straight bashing? No. And I do in a sense blame the ones that were "victims" because almost everyone in that town walks the streets alone, drunk, under the influence of drugs, and they don't take any personal precautions to make sure they're safe. If the city isn't going to make it a safer place, then shit happens. You're going to live there anyway so reevaluate your self and bring a fuckin mace key chain or something. Grow some muscle. Stop being a dumbshit. Maybe there is something the city can do, and they'll get to it. Realize they're running a city. It's a lot of work. A couple queens getting beat up isn't the end of the world. There really are bigger fish to fry.

    #calmdown #getoverit #protectyourself

  3. ...until it happens to you.


  4. In my years in this city, I've seen the mayor's office and city council increasingly act like a nightclub that's gotten way too popular and begun to abuse, ignore and disrespect its regular patrons.

    These officials are callous, dismissive, arrogant and obviously completely tone-deaf. John Duran, as the Mayor, you should at least muster the fucking energy to ACT concerned about the physical safety and well-being of your constituents - not treating them whiny crybabies unworthy of your precious time.

    But of course, as someone pointed out upthread, this administration would rather obsess over high-rise developers, $13 million dollar hi-tech parking structures, $66,000 parking places and banning fur. That is, when they're not demolishing historic structures and pocketing money from big developers.

    For Christ's sake, what does it take to get these leeches off the public teat?

  5. We need a credible candidate/small business owner who lives in the city. D'amico was perfect when he ran and its why he got the most votes period. Now we need 2-3 more to replace the lifetimers. Its the east side of west hollywood who votes for the old school. Living in the west side housing areas every single homeowner i talked with (100 or so) was against the city council and wants them out. We need credible candidates who are willing to go on record that they will not only be business friendly but homeowner and tenant friendly and if they wont, Occupy West hollywood!

  6. tom whitman gave logan carta HIV and the mayor loves it!


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