Metro Mondayz the Halloween Photo Album

Rhea & Kiki Xtravaganza

Kiki Open Arms - Limp Wristed

Bobby Trendy

Original Club Kids

Street Meat

Cheyne Hauk & Jimmy James

Aaron Darling & That one lovely lady

Chaz Bono

DJs Phyllis Navidad & Nelstar

Mike Munich

Mayhem Miller

xx SOJU xx


  1. this group of people that tries to throw parties cracks me up. no one ever goes to their parties except for themselves HILARIOUS! if you look at all the videos online and photos, there is no one in the background EVER! give it up! have a party at the house by yourself and save your time promoting parties that no one goes to :)

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  3. Blowquandra has Blessed Metro MondayzzzzzzzzOctober 25, 2011 at 10:47 PM

    Um to comment number#1,

    Listen hear you adopted peace of human waiste straight from a deseased dieseased corpse on a gurney-kiss my ass ! I wuz there last nite and hit the crack pipe in um thier bafroom a coupla tymes and no one seemed to mind and had the time of my life! Drag queens /kings,idiots,fools,doctores,lawyers,phanlthropusts,cooks,nurses,pulnbers,crackaddicts,heroin useres,hookers,hoes,/freeeks WE all got along last nite and had the tyme of our lives -dont hate caus you coudnt cause you and your Ma Moses was selling pumpkin seeds and tampons across the street from the inner city school of Extermination all the while yur baby sis is boiling neck bones at the cafeteria at the sewage removal detention center in the projects! Id love to peel yur damn eyelids back and give yur eyeballs mouth to mouth tnite! Wouldnt mind keeping them eyelids of yur to make some lamp shades for my lik Chukeys doll's candleabra!
    Any wayzzzz I ha dto SPEEK my minds tnite! Im off to the redlines yall! To go to the revolver,take me a lil bath there then imma hit the Dand clubs!

  4. Good to see Jimmy's still kicking. Used to see him in P- Town. We heard he passed a while back guess he's still around:)

  5. Jimmy's alive?!! Where is he performing next ? Big fan here from NYC,we all thought he moved to Palm Springs to die a few years back. Glad to see your still with u s,Jim!

  6. when one comment is followed by 2 hateful ones yknow its its true...same ppl same parties, and Im sure they all want drink tickets..

  7. I don't get why people are so angry about a party? LOL. I had a nice time, AND I bought my own drinks ;) Happy Halloween, everyone!

  8. Jim's still alive? I thought that queen died years ago!!!!!!!!!!!


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