Mayor John Duran Calls Rash of Gay Beatings in West Hollywood Untrue

Unless you've been living under a rock you are most likely aware of the recent "gay beatings" we've reported on over the last week. There have been three reported occurrences over the course of four days to be precise. All of which made the eleven o'clock news last night on several stations.

Occurrence #1
Billy Mandrick a Homosexual beaten to unconsciousness and robbed

Occurrence #2
Kasey Maffey a Homosexual beaten and robbed

Occurrence #3
Kyan Loredo a Homosexual attacked at Gunpoint and robbed

We ask that you take a long look at this photo before continuing to read this article.

In an interview with Frontiers LA, a gay blog which deletes comments on their site that conflict with the editors hidden agendas, Sgt. Frambles claimed that there was "no evidence of gay bashing in either case” in the attacks reported by our website.

Yesterday afternoon Mayor John Duran allegedly held an emergency/secret meeting with bar owners & the Weho Sheriff's Dept. to implement "damage mitigation" only to be greeted by camera crews when the secret meeting adjourned.

A reporter at channel 4 managed to score a brief interview with Mayor John Duran where the self proclaimed Mayor of Munchkin Land gave the following statement:
"This is what happens when people try to do investigations through social media. You know somebody, who knows somebody. Before you know it there are a rash of gay beatings going on, it's not true."

We reached out to Mayor John Duran to clarify or elaborate on his position but he did not respond, which is out of character given that he's always been overly accessible in the past.

We did speak to several members of the community who shared the following reactions to the Mayor's 11 o'clock news interview with channel 4:

"According to the sheriff the numbers are down but 3 gay men were attacked over the course of 4 days, that's too many! It's not acceptable. I have personally asked for increased police presence on Santa Monica Blvd."
John Carvalho, LGBT Advocate

"Wrong. Social media tips us off to clear trends that are happening but are under the radar on a certain level. If Duran was smart, he'd look into all of these reports rather than downplay them. You know...for whatever reason, I was surprised by Duran. I shouldn't be surprised by these guys anymore, but it still happens. He really sounded like an old-time straight and out-of-touch politician--the kind of politician Duran would have... protested back in the day. I hope he gets some backlash for his comments. It's clear WeHo City Hall is super sensitive about this issue (not to the victims), which tells me something is definitely Duran more concerned about nightlife dollars than real people?"
Patrick Range McDonald, LA Weekly Reporter / West Hollywood Voter

"I hope that the recent attacks are a wake up call to the citizens of West Hollywood & to our local officials. We need to watch out for each other."
Woody Woodbeck, Prominent Promoter

"But these attacks are happening, there are pictures!"
KingQueen, Local Musician

"I am truly shocked and disappointed by the statement given by Mayor Duran to NBC. Duran should have utilized this opportunity to create safety awareness for our citizens & bar patrons ... but all I got was some lousy SPIN"
Lucas John, West Hollywood Lesbian & Gay Advisory Board Member

Here is Mayor Duran's delayed response:

We have had 3 incidents in the past 2 weeks that involved physical attacks on 3
victims. Both the Sheriffs Department and City hall take these violent crimes
very seriously. West Hollywood is not immune to the criminality that exists
around greater Los Angeles. I think that some LGBT people think muggings "could
not happen in Weho". These crimes do happen! After clubbing, never walk home
drunk alone at night. Be aware of your surroundings. Be wary of dark hiding
places. Muggers want your wallet. Bashers want you dead. Some criminals want
both. Crime in West Hollywood is statistically down. But we should never let
our guard down 365 days a year.

Soju Betabelieveit


  1. Hey, I was robbed of my cell phone and another straight guy was robbed of his computer at coffee bean on Santa Monica and Handcock. Sitting at the tables out side, sitting out in the open a year ago, so it isn't just at the clubs. I went to city hall, and nothing was really done. We are being targeted based on the crimes that i overheard, and i tried to go to all the businesses and say something. I carry a bat, in weho. I go out in silver lake i feel much safer there, because it is not perceived as a gay neighborhood. Thanks for your support and honesty...

  2. Sorry, I'm not convinced this is gay bashing. Two of the three incidents sound more like crimes of opportunity.

    The issue isn't that Weho is gay, it's less gay now than it ever has been. The issue is that Weho is more affluent than ever before. You want to jack some expensive toys and grab a wallet full of cash, then hit the guy coming out of a bar that charges $15 for a martini.

    Don't jump to conclusions just because it makes a good story for your blog. That's not journalism, that's being an alarmist.

  3. Its time to Occupy West Hollywood! Organize and show the 4 lifetime council members that they are out of touch! They are replaceable like we did with Lindsey Horvath! They support big businesses in this city and have secret meetings with bars/business owners yet deny that this is going on! Do not let this story die, tell Duran to do his job! Call city hall, tell him to give an on the record interview about these hate crimes. Make Duran and the Entire City council accountable! Another election is coming in 2013! Occupy Weho!

  4. Shut the fuck up ^ Occupy my cock, Mary.

  5. There are horrible crimes being committed but they are simply opportunistic crimes, I don't believe they are targeting gay guys. It just so happens that these guys were gay, which isn't uncommon seeing as how a great amount of this city's population is gay.

    It is sad that any of this is happening, but we need to consider protecting ALL WeHo citizens. ANYONE walking the streets is at risk, it's not just the gays.

    I am sorry, but sometimes people in this town take the gay excuse way too far!

  6. You can contact Mayor Duran at West Hollywood City Hall through his Deputy, Hernan Molina, at (323) 848-6460


    Please tell him your thoughts on this matter.

  7. This is some complete bullshit, really. I cannot believe this is happening now and no one from the city officials are trying to organize some sort of plan to get this shit under control.

    And tho the FUCK asked that troll KingQueen for her opinion? This article lost it's credibility there. Is she serious with, "But these attacks are happening, there are pictures!", comment? What a complete uneducated idiot. She is another person who needs to get the fuck out of the gay clubs, too.

  8. It's time to hold these "officials" accountable for their actions and words. Did any council member reach out to the victims? Not one word. All they care about is their free parking pass and there title of being a city counsel member.

  9. You guys are yelling fire in a crowded auditorium. Muggings happen all the time. To gay people and straight people These are examples of wrong place wrong time crimes, not a hate crime, and calling it as such is, as one commentator already pointed out, irresponsible and alarmist journalism. You're looking for trends where there are none.

  10. All I can say is I am glad to be moving from WeHo after this week. I've had my phone stolen in a snatch and run while sitting outside at St. Felix...Which I was sitting across from my friend who got held at knife point days earlier.

    Gay or not, WeHo has become a magnet for crime and something needs to be done. It was not always this way.


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