Lance Bass producing play about Escorts

Finally a story we can relate too but the hell does he know about being an escort.

Email us Lance we'll tell you everything you need to know!

Former boy band member Lance Bass is taking up an interesting new venture. The New York Times reports that the 'N Sync singer is producing a play… about prostitutes.

And it gets better: Kirstie Alley is in negotiations to star in the production as a pimp. (And fellow ‘90s star Jamie Kennedy is also attached as a producer.)

“The Fabulous Lives of Hollywood Whores” centers on a high-end escort service run out of an upscale L.A. department store.

The casting breakdown on Playbill describes the production: "the show is dirty, the show moves fast, but there is a deep and intoxicating heart that pulses throughout."

In addition to the possible casting of Alley as a diva madame (which would be the Emmy-winner’s Broadway debut), other roles in the show include "the whore," the pimp's assistant, "the superstar," "the d-lister," a paparazzo, a nasty British lady, and a character actress who can do a range of dialects.

“Hollywood Whores” is reportedly aiming to open on Broadway in spring 2012.

via CNN


  1. ok what id like to know is--how did Lance Bass ever even get himself into an uber-successful boy band? did he just bottom for Lou Perlman every night and twice on sunday? because hardly anyone knows what the fuck his SINGING VOICE sounds like, i sure as fuck dont, and it seems that all his asinine projects that hes been pursuing lately don't involve him SINGING in the, a singing career with no singing involved? as good as audrey hepburn in "my fair lady" or natalie wood in "west side story" BRAVO lance...speaking of Bravo, im sure hes pitching a show to them too. oh my bad, he did play in Hairspray on broadway right? that's singing/acting, allright, not a bad gig....except sadly it probably only came about because of that eardrum-assaulting idiot adam epstein

  2. He is a HASBEN. NO ONE CARES! Once you come out -its yur last resort to be relevent. NO ONE WILL HIRE YOU ! Ask that zacry Qeuino Queen!!!


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