Gayborhood Watch: From Fists to Guns - Attacks on Gay Men in Weho Escalate

Another local gay male was attacked and robbed last Saturday 10/22 in West Hollywood, the third attack on gays in less than four days. Kyan Loredo, an employee at Micky's, was walking on Fairfax between Fountain and Sunset around 7 PM when he heard a voice behind him say “Don’t turn around.” Thinking a friend was playing a joke Kyan turned around and was immediately bashed over the head with the barrel of a gun. The attacker robbed Kyan of his phone and his cash ($1) and vanished, leaving Kyan scared, in shock and in tears.

The robbery was reported to the LAPD Hollywood Division because it occurred on the east side of Fairfax, which happens to be the LA side of the street. Because of his shock Kyan did not report the incident immediately, and when he did go into the police station the LAPD officer who took the report was reported to be cavalier and indifferent, laughing, joking and distracted from the urgent situation. The West Hollywood Sheriff is also aware of the attack.

The attacker is described as a black male, approx. 5’10”, average build, and black hair styled into cornrows. He was wearing a black hoodie and dark pants. Anyone with information about this attack should call LAPD Hollywood Division at (213) 485-4302.
These types of attacks in our neighborhood are not new, but three in less than a week is ridiculous. Check out Keep Weho Safe on FB to stay in the loop!

Keep your head up & keep your iphone in your pocket!

Neo n' GG

For info on other gay robberies in the gayborhood click here.


  1. Is Charles Anthony Mitchell behind these attacks!?!?

  2. if west hollywood has such a surplus of finances and such a large gay population.. what can we do to make sure these situations are both prevented and followed up on appropriately?

  3. this makes me ill.

  4. Sad! There needs to be more cops on the street basically! If people are being robbed on the streets at gun point, this should be taken seriously. I would file a complaint on the officer and take it to the media! Lately it is the only to make the police do their jobs. Any cop that laughs at a man or woman being attached at gun point should be off the force. Show lack of respect for the badge!

  5. From

    WeHo Sheriffs Find 'No Evidence of Gay Bashing' in 2 Incidents

    On Monday, noted reports posted on L.A.-based gossip blog WeHo Confidential about two alleged gay bashing incidents in West Hollywood.

    The first incident occurred on Tuesday night, Oct. 18, when Billy Mandrick said he was attacked and robbed after leaving the Motherlode bar near Santa Monica and Robertson Boulevards. He said his attackers repeatedly used the term “fucking faggots” during the attack.

    Another incident occurred on Wednesday night, Oct. 19, after Kasey Mahaffy left a small grocery near the intersection of Fountain and Laurel Avenues. He said the attacker “screamed something unintelligible” before punching him repeatedly in the throat and body.

    Both men had descriptions of their attackers and a car.

    However, in a short phone interview with Frontiers, Sgt. Famble in the West Hollywood Detectives division said that the investigation is ongoing—“but upon investigation in both cases, it turns out we found no evidence of gay bashing in either case.”

    Famble also said there appears to be no pattern, nor are the two incidents related.

  6. Gay men are being beaten up and robbed. I am not sure where they words "gay bashed" were used in this article. If frontiers thinks they can do a better job of reporting tell then tell them to stop ripping headlines from this website & get their own content!

  7. Ha. Frontiers referred back to and linked back to WeHo Confidential when reporting the story. You see, that's how blogs are supposed to work!

    And how disgusting that you're worried about "ripping headlines" when the fact is that injustices about our community should be shared in as many places as possible.

    Furthermore, Frontiers is NOT claiming the crimes committed were not hate crimes - merely that the WeHo Sheriff's Dept. is reporting that IT does not think they are.

    Critical reading skills are important. Note the quotes in the headline.

  8. West Hollywood needs it OWN Police Department...every other city our size is twice as safe because they patrol their own streets with THEIR Police.

    The Sheriffs here need to be sent packing!

  9. Outrage! The WeHo Sherrifs are useless... WeHo needs its' own police force, like other cities its' size (Burbank, Santa Monica...) Residents should petition their city councilmen for this...if their secretaries can make $100K salaries, then WeHo can afford its' own police department.

  10. City Council meeting anyone??? Posting on this board won't do anything. Unite people!

  11. We will be organizing a rally/city council gathering for the next meeting on 11/7. "Like" the Facebook page Keep Weho Safe to keep updated on details.

  12. One thing I am 6 feet tall and do not have cornrows...locks BITCHES!!!


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