Andrew Christian
September 18, 2011

Local Christopher Clark Naked:

It seems Christopher Clark is balancing a fine line between art & porn ... We love it!



  1. well he's already done porn

  2. A Graphic Designers opinion; great lighting, editing and capture. Buuuut, if u really wanna Photoshop yo body dude. Do it GOOD! Fail on liquifying ur ass and shoulder. Overall it looks good!


  3. it looks like someone took a bite out of the upper thigh. Trying to make it look like you have a nice ass?

  4. hitler ate my asshol on thanksgivingSeptember 18, 2011 at 11:16 PM

    i came INSIDE his asshol with my un testesd un re quieted load

  5. Very obvious and bad liquifying job on the body.

  6. Come on guys.... "He willed himself to be beautiful" - CC .... that and about 4 to 6 hrs of photoshop on every carefully taken picture... Happy Airbrushing!!! : )

  7. Also to Christopher Clark personally .... Your dumb facebook updates like this one: "I do my best to be as accesible as I can to people.... Most of the "attractive" people are rude and bitchy, but I honestly try to be different cause thats just how I am, but dont call me a hypocrite cause I didnt respond to you, when the first thing you say to me is "damn boy". Dont mistake kindness for tolerance." is why I and most, look at you as an idiot. Walk to a mirror, without your 5lbs of make up on and LOOK at yourself... Laugh hysterically and repeat the words "I am full of it"

  8. freelance model? nigger please.


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