Russell Armstrong's Suicide Linked to Adam4Adam:

When will the world learn that being gay is A okay?

Apparently the estranged husband of Real Housewives Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong hung himself for the worst reason ever!

Sources claim that a tell all book linking Russell Armstrong to gay "sex-capades" on Adam4Adam (the gay hookup site) was the straw that broke the business mogul's back causing him to hang himself at a friend's Muholland Estate.

The revelation of Mr. Armstrong's bisexuality piled on top of his divorce, battle with depression & unhappiness about becoming a celebrity are said to be the causes leading to his suicide this week.

xxx Soju B


  1. I find it hard to believe that someone on tv (even a reality star) that was desperately trying to hide his bi-sexuality would have a pic like that (a clear face shot on a step and repeat) on his profile online (even if set to private).

  2. come on clearly a mock up fake graphic... would be funny if he wasn't dead.

  3. It is a total fake. The profile is real (go look on adam4adam).. But the pic is just pasted no the profile.

  4. "masculine BLOND" duh, obvs. fake

    slow news day today huh? that u had to make a "post" about this?

  5. another shameful post on this site that has no scruples whatsoever

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