BASH’D! - A Gay Rap Opera in Weho

"The Gay Mans Answer to Romeo & Juliet"

Seriously we laughed, we cried & we even pissed our panties (just a little).

If you have a partner, a mom or just a BFF we highly recommend taking them to check out this thrilling roller-coaster of a production.... GUURRRRRR!

We promise that you will be touched in places you didn't know you had as catching this production should practically be a LGBT right of passage.

First comes love, then comes marriage, but the possibility of a happy ending is shattered for newlyweds Jack and Dillon after one is viciously attacked by a gang of homophobic thugs.

Despair and rage turns the other down the path of vigilante justice with tragic results. Irreverent rapping troubadours Feminem and T-Bag tell the tale of the star-crossed Romeos as they skewer stereotypes with swaggering comedic flair against a pulsing hip- hop beat.

BASH’D! is loosely based on the real life spike in hate crimes in Alberta, Canada during the national debate on equal marriage for gays and lesbians. Since this debate, same sex marriage has been legalized in Canada, despite the fervent protests of the religious right. In America the struggle continues.

BASH’D! eexplores the effect of homophobic violence and the emotions associated with being any marginalized population. Though the topic is serious, the play itself is fast paced, high energy and full of laughs.

xoxox Neo

PS: We need you to support arts, our culture & the Celebration Theater so please buy a ticket or 2 to invest in our story!!