Introducing the Mayor of Vaseline Alley:

Oh honaaaay we're afraid this may be a THREE part lesson!!!

Who or what is Vaseline Alley?
Vaseline Alley is the seedy gay cruising spot located just behind Circus of Books and extends over to the Gold Coast aka Old Ghost (an elderly haunt). The infamous Alley is known for men who sit in their cars waiting for some lonely soul to knock on the window of their pervert mobiles. It;s a breeding ground for gonorrhea!

Who or what is Bro-Bro?
Brody Brown aka Town Whore? ... or at least a sloppy lovable LUSH!!!

Who or what is Foreskin Foursquare?

Foursquare is an application on your phone which allows you to check into landmarks, businesses & even Vaseline Alley online honaaay!!!

Now that we have laid out the pieces to the puzzle...

Who ever has the most check-in's to a specific location on Foreskin Foursquare becomes the Mayor of that specific location.

Our local gaybor Brody Brown is now the unofficial Mayor of Vaseline Alley.

We're sure her mother must be so proud of her daughter for graduating from town whore to Mayor of Vaseline Alley.

Congrat's Bro-Bro!!! You've won an all expenses paid trip to the Gay & Lesbian Center for an STD screening!

xox Imlay Fass


  1. BB's initials are BB for a reason. This bitch is INFECTED and INFESTED. Be warned..

  2. This old whore and another, Xander T., both look like used up 40 something middle eastern street begger twins, Brody and Xander both have leather/hamburger patty/Mickey Rourke faces but at least Brody has an ok body. Xander should pay attention to his twin and do more than cruise the showers with his fancy Equinox membership that papa' and mamma pay for.


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